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A Rewarding Return to Theale Lagoon
fter the capture of
the big mirror at a
personal best of
47lb 12oz, confidence was at a
high, but the problem was where to go next. There is
another lake on the same club ticket
that I had spent some time fishing in
the winter. There are some cracking
looking fish in the lake that I thought
I would have a go at one day, and this
seemed like the perfect time. As mentioned before I had fished the lake on
day sessions in the winter and the
place had really started to get under
my skin. I had already taken some
proper English stunners to over 35lb.
The lake contains not particularly big
fish but some real gems. The lake
itself is around eight acres in size,
reed fringed with a large island in the
center with overhanging bushes and
drooping willows that hang into the
deep margins. The lake contains
some of the most stunning lily pads
that I have ever seen, which are full of
pink and white flowers to brighten up
the bleakest of days.
The week after the capture of the
big mirror saw me down for my first
trip to the lake since the winter, and
the first thing to strike me was how
good the lake looked even on one of
the most miserable days I have ever
gone fishing. The rain had battered
the southeast for over 12 hours with
not even a break in the weather. After
the long push from the car park I was
well and truly soaked through and
must have resembled a drowned rat. I
wasn’t surprised to find just one other
on the lake given the forecast. I left
my gear with Jack, a bloke I knew
from the previous lake, and trundled
round the lake in the relentless rain.
I completed my lap with not a lot to
show for it, and the rain was so hard
(Above) Big plated at 27lb 12oz.
Winter day trips to the Club Lake.
(Bottom) My PB common in the
winter at 35lb 8oz – part of a five-fish
that a cup of tea in Jack’s brolly was a
good shout. Before he had time to put
water in the kettle a large fish crashed
not far along the bank from where we
were standing. A quick walk along
the path showed the fish had showed
only ten yards from the bank and four
swims away from Jack. I eyed a far
bank marker to where the fish had
showed and hurried off to get the
gear. The first thing to go up was the
brolly, obviously, as the rain was still
pouring out of the sky. As I was pushing the last peg into the sodden
ground another fish launched itself on
the same line as the previous fish,
only the other side of the swim. With
the home set up it was time to put the
rods out. Both rods were fished to the
same spots as the fish had showed.
I fished a hinged stiff on one rod
with around 20 baits spread around
and a snowman on the other spot. I
remember both leads going down
with a nice tap, and around half a kilo
of Mainline’s Maple-8 and Cell was
placed over the snowman bait. I was
over the moon with how everything
had gone, and it was now time for a
change of clothes and a curry. It was


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