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The Traveller
etting the scene, I am
here on behalf of Big
Carp mag to interview
M a r c Tw a i t e, a v e r y
interesting character
indeed! He has been oh
so secret squirrel for many years until
a couple of months ago when he told
his story here in Big Carp mag. He has
been on some very hard waters
catching all the big’uns – unknown
40lb carp – and keeping it quiet! We
are now here on a 150-acre pit and
this series of interviews is to keep you
up to date with the story so far. You
guessed it; Marc has been doing his
thing and these articles will let you
inside the mind of a very good angler.
We are all here to chase a very special
fish that to date has not seen the
bank! But the exciting thing is the
number of fantastic fish that also
swim in the pond. Marc, perhaps better known for his pro hockey days,
really shows us what he is capable of
on the hard waters, so read and enjoy,
thanks, Rags Rob.
like the Car Park at Yateley since his
early teens and catching ‘em to!
We are just going to fire some questions at Marc and have a bit of a chat
really and see where it takes us.
So we’ll start off with letting the
readers know that you’ve already
done an article for Rob at Big Carp
mag covering a bit of the past, but
let’s do a little here. So Marc, if you
could give us a bit of history? We
know you have had many thirties and
forties and the odd fifty but let us
know a bit about your fishing.
Marc: Basically just like every carp
anglers dream – it’s once you’ve
caught that elusive first twenty
pounder and you’re hooked, and
that’s just how it was for me. It’s
banging a rucksack on yer back after
school, strapping the rods to the BMX
and going down a local pit to catch
that elusive twenty. Hooked! Ever
since then it’s been a real rollercoaster really. Whilst I had done all
the lakes in the local areas, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, I
(Above) Keepin’ it real winning the
(Left) Fond memories – Dave.
(Below) The mouth to the bay.
then started to spread further afield
and head to the likes of St. Ives, Cambridge, Northampton, Brogborough
and even as far afield as Waverley Valley and Oxford – so I’ve covered thousands of miles over the years! Then it
was my first thirty pounder, which I
caught at St. Johns at the Linear complex. That’s when I set myself a personal goal to catch as many thirty
pounders as possible from as many
different waters as possible, be it from
big pits with low stock or from a
tricky stretch of the river, and eventually it was the from the River Trent
that I had a 34lb common! Since I
published that one, guys have been
fishing that stretch, and she still has
not been out since.
Rob: Yeah, round our neck of the
Rob: Right, here we all are on a
great big southwest gravel pit. We are
here to interview a very interesting
angler who up until very recently in
Big Carp mag has been very quietly
going about catching some very
sought after carp, all very secret
squirrel! The angler is Marc Twaite,
well known in the world of professional ice hockey as “The Smurf”. In
attendance I am pleased to say is me
old mate Chris Bath aka Gristy,
another secret squirrel who is publicity shy and has been catching some
great fish from all over, fishing places


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