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The Traveller
just don’t make the effort though, as
carp anglers on the whole don’t like
fishing out of their comfort zone.
Marc: Yes, I think there is always a
surprise in the rivers and canals,
especially areas prone to flooding, you
know, like the St. Ives area and
Gloucestershire. Where I live at the
moment, in recent times we have
seen floods from the Severn and the
Avon. You just never know!
Rob: So Marc, you have caught
some very big unknown carp from big
pits, but you have also had a few circuit biggies, haven’t you? Tell us
about that.
Marc: Yeah, it was a special time. I
had had a nice few thirties, so it was
off to the Bluebell complex. You have
to choose waters that hold your tar-
(Above) First fish, great to get off the
mark with this cracker.
(Right) Another early one from the
(Bottom) Caught in just 1.5ft of water
1.5ft from the bank.
woods we have a stretch of canal
that’s just turned up a couple of forties, fairly unknown.
Chris: Yeah, Steve (a friend) has
been on it and had one of the two
Rob: So a small stretch of canal or
river can hold some secrets – big fish
going uncaught! We, Gristy and I, live
within ten miles of that, and as carp
anglers have only just found out!
Chris: Even now it’s out, people
gets. At the time you had two pits
there in the form of Kingfisher and
Swan. They held six known forties,
and you had the Creature that came
out at 56lb back then and Benson
between 56-58lb. You know that was
my first fifty-pound carp I was targeting, and ok, it took me two and a half
years… But the pressure; I mean,
there were six or seven northern
anglers coming down and doing midweek, the local anglers, and a gang
from Leicester! I was in the construction trade, a family business, so I had
limited time and could only fish
weekends. So straight away I felt
behind the eight ball, so to speak. I
was up against anglers with a bit of
time, and good anglers that fished as


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