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The Traveller
a team all on the Nash Bait. I was on
Nutrabaits Trigger. Yes I guess I did
things differently to everyone else, to
be different I would bait up heavily at
night when it was difficult for anyone
to see just where. Little things like
that help. I was also using smaller
baits because the other anglers were
on big ones, and I used barrels
because they were on round
baits. You know, you have just got
to get a picture of what everybody else is doing and perhaps
sometimes do the complete
I watched Benson in 2006, and
I’ll never forget it. There’s this
snag tree that you could climb;
they have cut it down now, but
back then it was the only tree you
could climb. You could get up and
see the fish. I knew the northeast
boys were baiting close to the
main snag with Scopex Squid.
They were baiting heavily and I
was watching them. So I chose
from that spot out in a line to a
good spot in the middle, and over
the next 48 hours put in 10kg
along this line, all going out at
(Top) This big pit fish come in all
shapes and sizes.
(Right) A good 30 and the better
fish started to come.
night – 10mm and 12mm barrels. At
2am I’d set the alarm and spod the
granny out of it (laughter). You know
it wasn’t the most subtle thing on a
pressured water, but it was just to get
the bait quantity out there and
quickly during the night! At seven
o’clock one morning it ripped off and
a big tail waved at me at 70 yards!
Everyone had come running round;
they just knew it was Benson straight
away as soon as the tail waved in the
middle of the lake. I knew too, and I
also had seven guys doing a running
commentary behind me, putting on
more pressure to land the fish! Yeah, it
kited down towards the snag tree, but
I gained on it and gained on it. My
legs started to go and I was in the
water up to my waist, and slipped the
net under my first fifty… Benson…
Oh, happy days!
Rob: You said yesterday about
Dave, which one was that?
Marc: Dave was in Swan lakes, and
after having some fun on Kingfisher I
immediately went to Swan. I had
been keeping in touch with Swan
whilst fishing the other one, and with
that change I had come off Nutrabaits, joined Trent Baits and was
using their Shrimp bait. Swan Lake is
alive with shrimp and I wanted something that matched the naturals. Dave
was obviously the target fish with the
Creature to back it up, along with a
common that went 39lb. So it was
early in the year, and I found this clay
hump in open water, it comes up two
and a half feet and I could hit from
three swims. On a pressured day
ticket water you can never get in the
same swim – you know, lines everywhere, markers, bait boats everywhere! Nightmare – absolute nightmare. So again it was finding the spot


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