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The Traveller
(Above) The Banana Common.
(Below) A little bar of gold.
at night and baiting up while everyone was zipped up and asleep. That’s
when I went to work, and again it was
beds of boilies. It was early in the year
as I said, before spawning. The first
fish I had was 42lb, which was in May.
In October I had the same fish again,
as a PB mirror at 48lb 6oz – same bait
same spot. Dave came out four times
that year.
Ro: Great to hear a bit of details on
some of your old waters, Marc. We are
going to save some of the lesser
known waters and the bigger pits for
the future, but let’s move on to the
present and this little puddle we are
here fishing today.
Marc: What? (Laughter).
Rob: Well you said earlier you have
narrowed it down to twelve
acres. (Laughter).
Marc: Less than that, pal!
Rob: So before you came to
these 150 acres, what had you
heard regarding fish stocks?
Marc: Well, not a lot. I went
on a few local forums and dug
about a bit, not writing myself
just having a look. I had a chat
with a few locals, etc. Basically there was no info out
there really and I wasn’t sure.
I just had this feeling that
what with the surrounding
waters doing forties and this
big water close by there was a
good chance of it doing some
big fish. We now know for sure
it’s got plenty of forties in it.
And with the amount of naturals and places to hide, this
really has got some very special fish in it! Now a few
months in I feel we have forty
good fish to go at, and a total
stock of sixty fish. That’s going on
what I have seen and caught.
Rob: Yeah, we have all been here
for a while now, looking hard, and
from pooling info I think that is what
we are all thinking.
Marc: You know what? I have
really switched on quickly to this
water. We have to go on what we as a
group see; there are always rumours
on big pits and it’s best to ignore
them and see for yourself! It’s
what I see and know that
builds a picture. I started with
as many swims as possible,
just trying to locate groups of
fish, and I did. And I have basically narrowed it down to just
three areas of the lake. I know
where to be in certain conditions; different areas for different conditions at different
times of the year. And I have
caught from the off, seen the
stock – 40 good ones to go at
don’t you reckon, Chris?
Chris: Yeah, I agree. When
did we look at this place? Ten
years ago, wasn’t it?
Rob: Yeah, about ten.
Chris: Back then we
thought it maybe had 50 fish
up to 38lb, but going back
then, when you banged a lead
out, you would be lucky to find
any weed. There was nothing
in it – very barren, cloudy


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