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The Long Road to My First Fifty Pounder
made me feel a lot better because I
would have pulled off from there as
soon as they spawned anyway.
I was getting around the lake at St.
Ives learning the swims, and on the
16th May I set up in the Works for a
three-day session. The Works was
now very weedy right up on the surface, but I eventually found a couple
of spots that I fancied. They were only
small clear areas in the weed so I
fished the chod on the line with my
white hookbaits, and I Spombed out
three kilos of Monster Squid over
each area; that would get them rooting about, I thought.
That first night, I was kept awake
by little bleeps and liners on the righthand rod, but at daybreak it all
stopped and I was sure there must
have been fish on the area searching
out the 10mms. The rods were staying out and I was happy that my
hookbaits would still be okay.
As it got dark the next night it all
started again, but this time I was getting some savage liners with the bobbin smacking the rod and pulling the
line clip, and I was running down to
the rods all the time. I was getting
tired with no sleep for two nights and
once again, as I drifted off I received
another violent liner. I went and
checked the rod again and decided to
put the bobbin the other side of the
alarms. That way, it would bleep only
when I had a screamer. I made my
way back to my bed thinking ‘that
will sort it’ and no sooner had I laid
down than the line clip pulled and the
rod screamed off.
I was into my first St. Ives fish, and
it truly was a buzz – but would I land
it and what was I playing? All these
thoughts were going through my
head and gave me that sickly feeling
you get with excitement caused by
an adrenalin rush. As I expected, the
fish weeded me up big style so I took
the rod up to the highest bit of bank
at the back of the swim, but I couldn’t
move it. I left the rod back on the
alarm and ran down to where a mate,
Shawn Mooney, was fishing. I told
him of my situation and he offered to
run right round to where George
Benos was fishing because he had an
inflatable and a life jacket.
As we went back to my swim, the
green LED on my Neville alarm was
eliminated but as I picked up the rod
and leaned into it, I felt some movement. “It’s moving!” I shouted to
Shawn,” but he was off running round
to George. I put on my waders and
with a fair bit of pressure and me out
in the water, I soon had the fish boiling up in front of my net. It was pitch
black and every time it rolled, I was
straining my eyes to see what I was
playing. I was so relieved to land it
and as I pulled back the net I saw a
very nice common sitting there.
“Yes!” I shouted. “I’ve caught one!”
That was one capture that I won’t
forget. My common weighed in at
27lbs and was known as the Dark
Common. Shawn did me some good
shots in the morning, so a big thanks
to him for his help. What a star, running round the lake like that! Cheers,
Well, I was off the mark and now
keener than ever. I was loving the
place and all thoughts of Baby Face
were now at the back of my mind. She
had still not been banked and the
Oh my god what a lump – 57lb 10oz – well done, George.


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