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Brantham Decoy Pond
This five-acre established lake is situated in the village of Brantham near
Manningtree and can be found at the
end of Factory Lane. This lake is home
to a huge stock of carp mainly in the
3-6lb range but with a few fish to
20lbs or more. Roach and rudd in
excess of 3lbs are present and some
perch over 4lbs have also been
recorded. Licensed fishing rights are
held by Paxmans Fishing Club.
Brantham Decoy Pond/Lake is
recorded in the web-based version of
the Suffolk Historic Environment
Record, the definitive record of the
known archaeological sites and historic buildings in the county. The
Decoy Pond is recorded as reference
number BNT 018 and as a Monument.
Post Medieval-1540 AD to 1900 AD
Shown on OS map, 1838.
The pond is also recorded in
National archives with the records
held at the Suffolk Record Office, ref:
HC410/A1/1. Dated as: 1740-1913,
with 22 documents held.
Further details of Brantham Decoy
Pond can be found in books available
on the web:
1) The Wildfowler – A Treatise on
Fowling, Ancient and Modern (History of...).
2) The book of Duck Decoys, their
construction and management and
history by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallway,
This pond has stood the test of
hundreds of years and never dries out
or stagnates. It must therefore be fed
by natural springs with a natural outfall. The level rarely changes, so there
is a natural balance. A proposal to use
the pond for run-off water from a proposed housing estate would change
the natural balance and cause considerable harm. Run-off water would
contain contaminates from roads,
roofs, parking areas and in the winter
salt spread on the roads. Salt will
destroy all lifeforms in the pond/lake.
Decoy Ponds are considered to be
of historical significance for two main
1) They may be important historic
features in their own right.
2) Both their structure and their sediments may contain important historical information relevant to the
history of the waterbody, its surrounds and the wider environment
(pollen record, historical artefacts
Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty Boundary is to have its boundaries extended
such that the Decoy Pond land would
fall within the designated area. This
gives some protection to the site, but
it is limited, as AONB have no powers
of enforcement.
An application has been submitted
to have this historic pond listed as a
protected monument in the National
Heritage list for England (NHLE), I
have applied using the free service
but would like to use the fast-track
service to ensure the site is protected
for the enjoyment of future generations and from the current drainage
plan to use the pond as a drain for the
proposed housing estate.
The cost of fast track starts at
£1000 with an average cost of
£2000/£3000, which is beyond my
resources. I am willing to donate £250
towards the cost.
Should any person or organisation
wish to contribute, I have opened a
just-giving account (see link), and I
have applied to the Parish Council for
financial support.
My application also has the support
of AONB, the Paxman Fishing Club
and James Rolfe Senior Archaeological Officer head of Suffolk CC Archaeological Service. However they have
no funds to offer financial assistance.
funding/david-fisk. David Fisk n


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