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will do or b) the more we put in, the
more the carp will get on it.
I know I’m generalising here, but
I’m afraid that we’re all aware of the
decline in ethics in carp angling over
the past few years. Loads of anglers
want to be carp-famous and the only
way they can see to do that is by
catching as many big fish as quickly
as possible. If the salt works, which it
obviously does, then your wannabee
is gonna need loads of it, not just a
500gm Nashbait bag. I have no idea
how much a bag will cost, but Kevin
says he’s using top grade stuff, which
I’m sure he is, so I doubt you’ll get
much change out of a tenner. On top
of bait cost, that’s quite a lot of dough
per session, so the only way to get the
price down is to buy in bulk. But don’t
use PVA, says Kevin, use my balls!
Still very expensive, so a sack of raw
rock salt is surely the way forward,
but how do you get it out there if not
in a PVA bag? Oh, what a dilemma. I
mean, how would you get pellets out
to a spot 60 yards away? Or hemp? Or
mini boilies? Or chunks of rock salt? If
only somebody could think of a way
of, say, casting a container of bait out
to the spot, surely they’d make loads
of money!
Forgive my flippancy, but this all
just smacks of blatant commercialism
to me. I doubt we would have heard
anything about this amazing new
edge to his carp fishing if there wasn’t
a monetary reward. I think it’s hugely
So who’s going to stop this
(Below) Stueys smile says it all –
Moonscale at 48½lb.
irresponsible for someone of his
standing and I only hope that I’m
wrong, but I can see some bad things
coming from this over the next few
years. Over the past three or four
decades we have introduced thousands of tons of protein baits into
lakes and rivers up and down the
country and the effect has become
obvious – a steady increase in the size
of the fish we are fishing for. If they
were human, we would call that obesity. At the moment, the introduction
of salt into our waterways is (hopefully) minimal, but if we take the
human guideline we now know that
excess salt can cause blood disease
and possible heart failure – do we
think that would be any different in a
carp, or any fish for that matter?
Given the similarities outlined above
there is a very strong case that excess
salt in any organism cannot have a
good outcome. But Kevin has said all
the right things, so if there is a problem in the future it will be your fault,
not his. Give it some serious thought
before you start your season.
It’s not as if we haven’t got enough
problems at the moment. The government have announced that the HS2
rail link to Birmingham will go ahead,
and although that is no great surprise,
it shows how little credence is put to
the thoughts and wishes of the common people. Over 100,000 anglers
signed a petition in an attempt to stop
the link going straight through the
Colne valley, which was obviously


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