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sticking out of its side where it had
obviously broken a rib, but I couldn’t
get away from the fact that Reg had
actually caught one. He was using
maggots and I stored that little bit of
info away for the morning. We then
sat down to listen to Spurs dispense
with Norwich quite comprehensively,
before Jim decided to return to his
swim for the night. He’d been gone
about ten minutes when we heard a
call from him and arrived in his swim
to see him having a right royal battle
with a carp. Reg soon had the net
under the fish, which turned out to be
a cracking 23lb mirror. This had come
to a single hookbait fished very close
in, so I removed the maggots from my
storage cupboard and replaced them
with a single bait.
The night brought huge winds, but
I’d recently got an overwrap for the TF
brolly that I’d got from Laney earlier
last year, and not only did it make it
bloody huge, it made it remarkably
sturdy as well. That said, it was a loud
old night, and it wasn’t until just
before nine the next morning that I
emerged into the world, in search of
breakfast. The afternoon was still
pretty blowy, and I was happy where
I was, with the wind blowing strongly
into the bay to my left. That evening
we sat in my mansion for a couple of
hours, protected from the chill wind
that had suddenly blown up but,
despite everybody being in their plots
by half seven, no more action fell to
any of us, so it was back to seasonal
mayhem for a couple of days.
If Reg hadn’t called I would probably have spent those couple of days
down at Ashmead, which could have
been good because Stuey managed to
slip his net under the second biggest
carp in the lake – Moonscale – at a
new best of 48lb 8oz. A fantastic
result for him, and a fitting end to a
tough old year. I would love to have
seen that baby on the bank, but you
can see from the photograph what it
meant to Stu – better than any socks
and pants that Santa brought him.
Well done, fella.
Despite me saying how the
weather probably needs to change,
some of the results that people have
been having suggests that the carp
aren’t too put off by the strange conditions. The Ringwood waters continue to produce the goods, and
Laney and I were only saying the
other day that everyone seems to be a
corker. I’m sure that Ian Bascombe
will agree after catching a new PB in
the shape of a glorious 47lb mirror,
this on a new bait that he was trying
out for the first time – not gonna be
changing that in a hurry then, Ian!
Another lovely looking carp was
the 33lb near-leather that Steve Day
caught on, would you believe, a single
hookbait fished fairly close in. There’s
no doubt that the method works, and
it makes you think that the carp are
still pretty active – unless Steve’s
casting was extremely accurate. Mark
Griffin’s casting must have been
pretty similar when he launched a
single hookbait 120 yards, and was
rewarded with a cracking 39lb common. Apparently, he’d fished the lake,
on and off, for about 30 years, so I’m
assuming that this must have been
worth the wait!
It’s not just the chaps who are confident enough to single hookbaits,
though, as Lianne Bullard proved
recently. She fished at 50 yards range
with a sexy combination of a couple
of dumbbell baits topped with a white
pop up, and bagged a 17 and a 26 in
her twenty-four hour session – the
Lianne Bullard proves she’s got what it takes.


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