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New equipment to help combat illegal fishing
Funding has helped secure new specialist equipment to boost fisheries
enforcement patrols in East Anglia.
The new kit, which cost over £15,000,
consists of a high grade digital SLR
camera, night vision monocular and
night vision binoculars. It will allow
officers to carry out more regular
Fish care tips for anglers
during hot weather
If you are out fishing during hot weather, we’d like you to remember a few tips
about fishing in summer:
• If you catch a fish, you need to handle it with extra care during hot weather.
• Larger fish are more susceptible to the effects of low oxygen levels, so please
keep the fish in the water while unhooking where possible.
• Fish that have been handled carefully after being caught are more likely to
survive after they are released.
• For the latest guidance on fishing in hot weather go to
• During summer, we regularly respond to reports of ‘fish in distress’ due to natural processes reducing oxygen levels in the water. Hot, sunny weather can
lead to low flows in rivers, and stillwater fisheries (ponds and lakes) start to
warm up.
• Small still waters are particularly susceptible. Fisheries teams are trained to
use aeration equipment or hydrogen peroxide to restore dissolved oxygen
levels. When necessary, our teams may also rescue fish and transfer them to
• If you see fish in distress, please call our hotline on 0800 80 70 60. n
patrols and make night checks for illegal fishing in the Great Ouse and Fenland catchment area more effective.
The technology was funded by
D e f r a ’s Wa t e r a n d E n v i r o n m e n t
Improvement Fund, which is used to
enhance fisheries and the environment as part of Defra’s 25-Year Environment plan.
Alex Thomson, fisheries enforcement officer for the Environment
Agency in East Anglia, said: “The new
kit will enhance our detection and
surveillance capabilities. Combined
with our specialist training and specific powers, the tech will allow us to
cover more ground, get better evidence and work more effectively into
and through the hours of darkness.
This is invaluable in detecting and
preventing illegal poaching activities
and protecting our valuable coarse
fish and eel stocks.”
Fisheries officers have the power to
arrest and detain, enter lands, stop
and search, seize boats, vessels, vehicles and instruments and require the
production of fishing licences. Those
caught can be given a range of punishments, including fines of up to
To report any illegal fishing activity,
call our 24-hour Incident Hotline
number on 0800 80 70 60.
To buy a fishing licence, visit
h t t p s : / / w w w. g o v. u k / f i s h i n g licences/buy-a-fishing-licence
For East Anglia press office please
contact: 0800 917 9250
All Environment Agency news
releases, both area and national, can
be found under Announcements at
Follow us on Twitter @EnvAgencyAnglia and on Facebook @OuseFishEA. n


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