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The Big Carp
Rotary Letter
Here are the questions in brief that you the readers emailed in
following issue 191. Don’t forget to email any further questions
1) A. White, Barnstable – I am having a problem casting up tight to an
island. When I put the float out it looks close but if I walk up the bank
and look from the side it’s miles off – any ideas?
2) L. Long, Nuneaton – I’m fishing a deep pit and see carp head and
shoulder on the spot then immediately bubble up. They can’t be
touching bottom so quickly, so why the bubbles?
3) N. Sargent, Cambs – I want to use tigers and hemp on my syndicate
water this year but what’s best? Natural, black, talin, etc and what rig
would you use?
4) J. Dean, Somerset – I’ve seen mealworms in my local pet shop; they
are cheap and look like they would make a good bait. Any of you guys
used them?
5) M. Roberts, Royston – Help! I’m fishing a very weedy lake and losing three out of four carp hooked – any suggestions to put the percentage in my favour?
Sean Leverett
Hi all, I’ve only a couple of things so
say about the responses from Lee and
Rob in last month’s Rotary Letter, and
then I’ll get on with this month’s set
of questions.
Rob, I can’t think of a single big fish
death so far this year, although I did
read a thread on Mike Wilmott’s Facebook profile today that he had sadly
lost one of his old original commons
that had been in his lake long before
he acquired it. I really don’t know
why we have not had any deaths; perhaps it’s because there are not many
of our old big fish left nowadays and
the big carp that we do have are
younger and fitter – who knows? I’m
just happy that we don’t seem to have
them, and let’s hope it stays that way.
Lee commented on something I
said regarding a proportion of show
entrance fees going to PAG but
wasn’t sure how they would get
around paying tax on it. Perhaps
there could be a compulsory donation
box at the entrance, and it could be
made clear in all pre-show advertising that you would have to be donating, but the entrance fee would be
less due to this. I’m sure nobody
would complain about this, and it
would get round the tax issues. Also,
again as Lee rightly said, the EA
waste so much money each and
every year by sending out two
renewals in separate envelopes and
also two licences again in separate
envelopes. Surely the system will
bring up the fact that they are going
to the same address and they can put
both in the same envelope and save a
small fortune? This could easily go
towards PAG, sorting out the otter
Back to the salt debate, and I
refrained from naming Nash Bait as
the company behind the controversy.
As I had only left the company as a
consultant at the tail end of last year,
if I had named them I would probably
have been accused of only saying
detrimental things as I wasn’t with
them, but this was not my intention. I
just think having a product like this
out will cause no end of problems.
Fair play to you though Lee for naming.
Finally before I look at the latest set
of questions I have to laugh at Lee’s
question at the end of last month’s
letter where Kevin Nash states in a
magazine that he feels carp have
sussed PVA. Do we think carp have
sussed it? What a load of old bollocks!
I personally think there is no way carp
have sussed out PVA. I’ve been using
it a lot for years and I’m still using it
now and still catching on it. As I write
this I have just returned from the start
of the season on Cemex Road Lake
and I had a couple of bites during the
48 hours I was there. Sadly I lost one
but both takes came to bottom bait
rigs with PVA bags attached. The
Road Lake fish are as old as 25 years
plus and they have seen it all. Don’t
you think that if carp had sussed out
PVA then these Road Lake fish, being
so old and wise, would have avoided
my rigs? I also caught a fair few last
year from the same venue as well as
other venues, again using PVA bags!
Ok, on with the questions…
Question 1, from a Mr. White. I’m
not sure whether you’re having problems because you can’t cast far
enough or you’re struggling to judge
distances. If it’s the fact that you can’t
reach it, then book yourself a casting
lesson with someone such as Terry
Edmonds; you can contact him off the
net or through Facebook. Terry will
soon have you getting a good few
yards on your cast and you should
soon be easily hitting the range then.
If it’s more that you are struggling to
judge the distance then cast to where
you think you are close, walk up and
have a look to see how far off you are.
If you’re say five yards off, let off five
yards of line, clip up and then try
again. Continue to do this until you
are happy that it’s where you want it.


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