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Rotary Letter
Once you are, then when you reel in
count the amount of reel turns it takes
to reel back in and make a note in a
diary. Also if the bank allows you,
walk out your line and pace it so that
you know how many paces it takes
from reel to lead. Next time you fish
that area, you simply have to pace it
out or cast out and count the reel
turns until you’re spot on.
Question 2 from L. Long regarding
deep pits.
It’s quite common for a carp to
instantly bubble up after they have
topped, as they need to expel the air
from their gill area that has been
taken in while showing. Another reason for seeing bubbles is that fish will
often expel air in order to equalize the
swim bladder as they go lower into
the water. This makes it easier for
them to travel into the depths of the
lake. Sorry for the basic answer, but I
can’t baffle you with the scientific
Question 3 from N. Sargent regarding tigers.
I don’t really think that there is a
“best” when it comes to tigers, as it’s
a personal choice which to use. There
are so many varieties out on the mar-
My version of a lead dropper setup.
The Road Lake’s Big Fully, caught for the first time on a natural tiger nut.
ket these days including white, black
a n d n a t u r a l . Yo u t h e n h a v e t h e
flavoured ones that I have seen advertised, and then you still have the
option of preparing your own. If you
do prepare your own, make sure you
prepare them properly.
I used tigers last year at various
points and whenever I did I always
used the natural ones, but used them
soaked in chilli flakes as I found they
worked for me. I know of other friends
of mine that have done really well on
the black tigers. Use whichever tiger
you are happy to, and don’t just use
what you think everyone else is using.
Rig wise I tend to use the KD rig
with tigers, as I find the hookholds to
be very good. I usually top my nut off
with a piece of the buoyant sweetcorn, but a lot of people balance them
with a cork insert. Again this is just
my personal choice though, and there
is a whole host of rigs that you can
use. I bet every one of us will say a different rig and also have a different
preference as to which tiger is best.
Question 4 from J. Dean regarding
the use of mealworms as a bait.
I’m afraid I can’t really help you
with this question, as I’m not really
one that messes about with live
worms etc. Hopefully you will get an
answer from one of the other guys
within the panel though.
Lastly comes Question 5 regarding
fish losses in weed.
Natural tigers have caught me many a
The first thing I would say is if
you’re fishing a very weedy water
then make sure you up the breaking
strain of your mainline. I have seen so
many people turn up on a weedy
water unprepared and lose fish when
their mainline parts. Go for as heavy a
line as you can, as with the thick
amounts of weed the line will easily
be concealed. Secondly I personally
would use a lead drop-off setup
whether it be on a chod, helicopter rig
or a safety clip setup, as once the lead
has been dropped then the fish will
automatically head up in the water
and hopefully get above the weed. It’s
easy to make sure the lead is lost on
chods and helicopter setups either by
using a weak mono link that can
break off on the take or using a dropper system that a few companies produce. I actually made my own dropper setup with leadcore minus the


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