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Rotary Letter
You need to seriously change your
approach, and quickly, as there is no
excuse for losing so many fish. Not
only does it ruin your fishing, but
think of the harm it does to the carp!
I am assuming a fair percentage of
these losses are due to tackle failure,
but, even if they are hook pulls, that’s
still a tear in the mouth as that hook
rips free. It doesn’t matter how safe
your rig is supposed to be once the
fish has been lost; the only really safe
way to deal with a hooked fish is to
get him on the bank, remove the hook
and return him unharmed. This
should be… actually, no… it always is
Kelp weed is probably the worst stuff
I have fished in; it’s braid or don’t
bother casting out!
hemp, and those jumbo tigers end up
like boilies by the time they are
soaked and boiled. As for rigs, I tend
to stick to a 360-rig with tigers. I just
drill two of them almost right through
using a nut drill and then stick them
together on a piece of cork. The whole
kit, drill and the correct size cork
comes in a pack together and there is
enough cork sticks to last for ages, I
find it much simpler than trying to
come up with a specific rig for
growler fishing. Stick to what works –
after all it’s just a change of bait and
the rig will function in exactly the
same way.
4) J. Dean from Somerset – I’ve seen
mealworms in my local pet shop; they
are cheap and look like they would
make a good bait – any of you guys
used them?
Be prepared for the weed if necessary.
Battling another one out from the kelp.
5) M. Roberts from Royston – Help!
I’m fishing a very weedy lake and losing three out of four carp hooked?
Any suggestions to put the percentage in my favour?
possible with the correct tackle.
Everything is now available to us as
anglers; the choices of terminal tackle
and mainlines are limitless and weed
should not be too much of a challenge
for most of it; it’s just picking the right
setup. Because you are obviously getting takes regularly, then I assume
you are not fishing in an absolute jungle where there is no hope of landing
a n y t h i n g. I f y o u a r e s t i l l u s i n g
monofilament lines in this kind of
environment then I would suggest
that’s the first thing to change, as the
difference between mono and braid is
like the difference between a ballet
dancer and a cage fighter!
The braid will slice through the
weed as you hook a fish; it will give
you instant bite indication before the
carp has a chance to make any headway, and, most importantly, it won’t
break as soon as it comes into contact
with sharp weed stems.
If it’s hook pulls that you are suffering from, then the braid will still help


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