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Rotary Letter
From a productive session on Christchurch whilst the Stoneacre fish were
which means she will carry a year’s
worth of eggs, which isn’t good in the
slightest. I think the lake should be
closed when the fish first show signs
of spawning and remain closed for a
few days until it’s all over with. I
know it’s hard for some fishery owners to do this with syndicate members paying a few hundred quid each
to fish there. But the least they can do
is shut the swims where they are
spawning and a few swims either
side to make doubly sure no
unscrupulous anglers can cast a rod
down to them. The perfect solution is
if there is a complex of lakes. I have
turned up at Linch Hill, only to find
that the Stoneacre fish are starting to
spawn, so I had a word with a few of
the Christchurch lads and found out
that they got it out of the way over a
w e e k e a r l i e r. I d r o p p e d o n t o
Christchurch and had a fantastic few
days’ fishing.
Rob mentioned Ian Stott’s awesome results on Elstow and Wellington, and I’d just like to add my congratulations to what I’m sure is a long
list! A 48 and a 49 are fish of a lifetime,
never mind in one session! I assume
the 49lb 10oz is a new PB; I know the
Mother used to hold that mantle for
Ian at 49lb, in which case double congrats!
It seems like I put a jinx on Wellington by using it as an example on the
damage an otter could do on a water
like that, only for one to turn up and
take a couple of fish. I’ll be more careful about the waters I use as an example in the future; maybe next time I’ll
mention Pavotts Mill instead!
Rob mentioned his old closed season ritual, about how he used to strip
everything down and give it an MOT
and clear out his tackle box etc. I have
to say some of my gear is in dire need
of that; my reels sound like coffee
grinders, and at least one of my
alarms have a spider’s nest in it. My
tackle box could do with a clear out
too. I was on a feature with Elliott
from Korda the other day and he went
through my tackle box and pulled out
a Drennan boilie hook in an old box. It
didn’t occur to me until then that it
was definitely ten years old, and it
could well have been closer to 20
years old! I have had a few tackle
boxes since then, so it probably just
got transferred from box to box. I will
definitely have to have a clear out
soon. I can remember my close season preparation ready for 16th of
June; everything was planned to the
‘nth degree – fresh rigs, new line, a little bit of prebait in the swim. We
never had the week-long socials that
Rob did, but all the careful planning
went out of the window because we
used to get there on the morning of
the 15th, and by dinner everything
was set up and prepared and we were
in high spirits yet had nothing else to
do, so we got on the beers (only when
I hit 18 years of age of course, even
though things seemed a lot more lax
back then). Come midnight our casts
were more than likely wayward, and I
remember hitting the island trees and
losing my end tackle on at least one
occasion. Still they were very good
times and I really enjoyed myself. I
wish I had a fraction of that time and
freedom now...
Is this a fish that has been damaged by braid straight through to the hook?


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