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Rotary Letter
but there are plenty of lines about of
the same ilk...
There are a few things you can do
to reduce the number of hook pulls
too. I don’t really like fishing the lead
to come off on the take (I normally fish
it to come off if it hits weed) but if
you’re losing 75% of the fish you hook
then I would advise that you place the
lead on the lead clip as lightly as possible – I assume you are fishing a
drop-off style lead, because otherwise
this could explain the losses. I would
then fish the rods pointing skyward
on a firm clutch and locked in the butt
The theory here is that the fish will
drop the lead on the take, not be able
to go anywhere on the tight clutch
and rise in the water toward the surface. The rods pointing up will help
encourage the fish to come up and
also allow a bend to be put into the
rod to stop too much pressure being
exerted on the end tackle, should the
fish bang its head or lunge. It’s important to stay close to your rods and
ready for the bite at all times, and I
Weeded fish landed from a boat.
tend to fish the clutch with just
enough slack to give line if it has to.
When I play a fish in this situation it
gives me the best chances if I keep
the rod high with a slightly tighter
drag than normal; in other words I try
to keep the fish’s head up to prevent
it getting in the weed or going on
long runs through it.
If boats are allowed on your water,
then it could be worth spending a few
pounds and investing in a small
inflatable and life jacket. Alternatively,
persuade the club/syndicate to invest
in a hard-bottomed boat to remain on
site for the purpose of landing fish.
Fish safety and health is a good argument to put to them on that count! If
you haven’t landed a fish from a boat,
you’ll be surprised how easy a fish
will pop out of the weedbed once
you’re above it.
I’ve had situations where I have
tried all the tricks to get it moving
from the bank, from slack line to the
rod bent double, but once I got over it
in the boat I just eased it out of its
sanctuary. n
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