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Travelling Times
n my last two diary pieces I
have talked about two different 40lb-plus commons from
two different Nene Valley
gravel pits. It will probably
come as no surprise to hear
that I have been unable to keep that
run of form up, but I did get a nice fish
shortly after the last 40. It was from
the big lake on the Nene Valley Syndicate, from a clear spot in the weed
over a baited area of Edge boilies in
broken and whole baits, using my
reverse snowman rig – so for anyone
that reads my pieces regularly you
will know it’s my standard approach.
The bite came just before dusk and
the fish gave me a good run around in
the fight, but I managed to net her
without too much drama. When I got
her on the mat she looked like a big
round golden nugget with fins! She
pulled the dial on the scales round to
35lb 2oz, which was my third fish of
that exact weight from the water –
maybe my scales were sticking!
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the pho-
(Top) My new boat ready for action at
(Below) A big round golden nugget
with fins, 35lb 2oz.
tos done until nearly dark and I hadn’t
brought my flash gun so I couldn’t
capture the fish to its full potential,
but I did get a couple of reasonable
night snaps. None of the current
members knew which fish it was, and
it took a past member to identify it as
a fish known as Heart Tail, which suggests to me that it doesn’t come out
that often.
After the capture of that fish I
decided that I needed to move on to
pastures new, or more precisely an
old haunt revisited! I had intended to
start on the large Cambs pit in midApril, but I had got caught up chasing
Cut Tail and it seemed I had missed a
lot of the action. Once I had banked
my target common the pit had
flooded from the river Ouse, making it
unfishable, so I had to delay my start
until the levels had sunk back to normal. As soon as I heard reports that
the Pit was fishable I made my way
down the A14 with a fully laden car
complete with roof box to house my


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