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Travelling Times
the warmer weather, and being as the
forecast had given out the first bright
and sunny days for a few weeks I had
a good idea they would turn up there.
I didn’t want to boat into the shallow
bay because that can be the kiss of
death, so I leaded about as best as I
could, but the overhead canopy and
deep margins made things tricky.
I had all four rods in place before
dusk, and as soon as the light levels
fell I started to receive liners, mainly
on the short rods going into the bay.
This initially seemed very promising,
but some of the liners were very violent and I started to think that maybe
carp weren’t the culprits. I had
received this sort of thing before both
in this swim and on other lakes
around the country, and it turned out
it was the bream going through their
spawning ritual as they twist and turn
on the line and get their fins caught
up in it or rub against the mono with
their rough spawning tubercles.
However I also know that carp love to
eat bream spawn so I knew there was
a good chance they would move in
once they knew what was happening.
I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night
due to the liners, but they stopped as
soon as the sun came up. I watched
the water for a few hours around
dawn and saw plenty of activity in
and around the bay, but nothing I
could say was definitely a carp. Just
after I got my head down at around
8am I received a stuttery take on one
of the bay rods. It didn’t take me long
(Top) Not what I was after, but a big
old slab nonetheless – 15lb 1oz.
(Left) A bigger old slab – 17lb.
(Below) 90-plus acres and I end up
fishing a narrow channel.
new toy – a Seago 260 inflatable boat
complete with hard floor and transom
to fit my outboard. Once I arrived I
realised it was six years to the day
since I last fished there and it had
matured nicely – every swim had that
natural feel with overhead canopies
that framed the view of the lake. I did
a lap on foot climbing all the old trees
that I used to spend hours in, but I
saw nothing to indicate the whereabouts of the carp, so I loaded the
boat with my gear and took to the
water. I had forgotten how much I
loved using the boat to drift about
and search for fish, but the search
was fruitless so I opted for a shallow
bay where the fish used to turn up in


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