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Travelling Times
(Above) Park Lake – it contains some
stunning fish and is a really nice place
to fish, especially once the public
gates are locked!
(Below) The two James’ with fish on
the Korda Academy.
houses, so I have no idea where they
came from, but four farmhands soon
turned up and tried to usher them
onto a trailer. Then that night I
noticed someone setting up camp at
the other end of the lake. After an
hour or so at dusk the guy stripped
down to his boxers and swam to the
other side! Then got out and had a
breather before jumping in to do a
return width! It was certainly a
strange day’s fishing!
There were a couple of other lakes I
had a dabble on, but one stood out. It
is over 130 miles away from home and
it’s a maze of bays, channels, points
and islands. The fish stocks are very
low but it is home to a very big old
common, as well as some younger
fish, and I really think I will enjoy fishing there. I have only done six nights
on there and managed to lose my only
take so far, but hopefully I will have
some more stories to tell in my next
few diary pieces.
One thing I did recently (and If I’m
completely honest I wasn’t looking
forward to it) was the Korda Academy.
For anyone that hasn’t seen it on TV, it
involves several experienced anglers
teaching a few youngsters about carp
fishing. It covers techniques and tips
there for a while, so I was glad to get
offered a place on the ticket. The fish
in there are very old, scaly warriors,
where a couple push through the 40lb
barrier, which is pretty impressive for
my local area. The water is a again a
public park and I was continually
keeping guard of any baited rigs I had
on the bank because the dogs
seemed to run free and appear in my
bivvy without warning. Unfortunately
I haven’t banked one from there yet
despite a missed chance or two off
t h e s u r f a c e, b u t I d i d s e e s o m e
strange sights… I rounded the corner
on one of my laps to come face to face
with four bulls! This might seem normal on a rural lake, but this place is a
small woodland lake surrounded by
to help them bank a few more carp. I
was mainly dreading it because I
know how much of a sod I was when
I was 14, and I thought if I had a couple of moody, know-it-all teenagers
then I would probably get myself in
trouble for sending them for a dip! But
the two lads I had were brilliant, and
to be honest all the lads I met had a
spot-on attitude. James and James
(nice and easy for me to remember; I
actually ended up calling everyone
James for two days!) were really keen
to learn and soaked in all I showed
them, and they even kept their chins
up when the fishing was hard. By the
second day all the fish in the water
were in the other half of the lake, and


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