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Roach Pit Royalty
a lot more of him over the next few
Ok then on with my goings-on.
After the success of my first Roach Pit
session I was keen as ever to get back
to the lake, and so early Monday
morning, about 3.30am, I left the
house and headed off to the lake. I
arrived a little after 7am and with that
I started on a few laps round the lake
in search of some fish. I didn’t want to
just drop back into 37, the swim that I
had caught from the previous week,
although I was tempted, as I did see a
couple of fish show out long off the
out of bounds bank. Due to my
daughter performing in a dancing
show on the Wednesday evening I
only had a couple of nights ahead of
me, but I still wanted to have a good
look around and try to locate the fish
rather than just settling on a swim.
Eventually, around 2pm, I settled on
a swim known as Hooper’s, a swim
within the channel that splits the two
opposite ends of the lake. I leaded
about the swim and found a decent
clear area at about 50 yards out,
slightly to my left, and then opted to
put the other rods down the margins
of the swim. I baited the long spot
with a couple of kilos of the test bait,
Sticky’s “Krill”, and both margin spots
were baited with both boilie and my
particle mix. A matching Krill pop-up
was fished on the 50-yard spot and
then snowman hookbaits were fished
on the margin spots. Basically the
couple of nights I did in the swim
were unproductive. I did see fish
around the area, and I had a liner on
the second evening, but that was
pretty much it. Actually that wasn’t
quite it… At 1am on the second night
I had a weird take on the right rod but
on picking it up it clearly didn’t feel
right. Well after a few minutes a pike
cleared the water just in front of me
with the line between its jaws, and
then it came off. When I left for home
the next morning I had a feeling that
whoever dropped in the swim after
me would have a good chance, as for
the first time of the session there was
some fizzing on the main spot. There
was however nothing I could do as
my kids come first over anything.
I didn’t fish for the balance of the
week, but the following Monday, a little after 7am, I was back over at
Tony with Wraysbury’s Pawprint at 43lb-plus.
Roach. I walked the lake all day in
search of fish, but there wasn’t really
a lot to go on. I had spotted a couple
back down in 37, but I really didn’t
fancy that, so continued looking and
eventually saw a few fish show out to
the right of the swim known as the
Day swim. I decided to give it a go,
and as I was setting up, more and
more fish started to show up around
me, and I thought I had made a good
choice. I leaded around and found
three spots that I was happy to place
my rigs on, and then baited up with
around a kilo of the Krill boilie and the
same of the particle mix over each
spot. The right hand rod was cleanest
and so I fished that using a 16mm Krill
bottom bait tipped off with a 12mm
Sticky Pineapple and N-butyric yellow pop-up. This sat perfectly with
the rig that I was using. The other
rods were fished with one on a chod
and the other on a multi rig.
All the while I was sorting the rods
fish were continuing to show, and I
felt quite confident that there was a
chance of a bite from up here. I couldn ’ t h a v e b e e n m o r e w r o n g, a s
overnight things went quiet and the


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