freeline-24 - Page 95

Roach Pit Royalty
(Left top) The Ornamental at 24lb
12oz. Look at the size of its tail!
(Left centre) Other side of the fish.
(Left bottom) Back she goes to fight
another day.
(Above) All the ingredients for my
Spomb mix.
fish buggered off to down the other
end. Apparently there were loads of
fish showing down there and eventually I reeled in just before lunch and
went for a look. It was clear that a fair
few fish were down there, but that
end was now pretty busy. I had a feeling that they wouldn’t take leads flying around over their heads and that
they would soon be back up to where
I was set up.
After going back and getting the
rods back out I sat watching the
water in the hope that they would
reappear and eventually, around
10pm, the fish returned and started
showing back up around the swim
and out to my right. I sat up until
about 12.30am watching the fish
rolling before getting my head down
for a few hours’ sleep. My sleep was
short lived though, as a couple of
hours in I received a take off the right
rod. On picking it up it was soon
apparent that attached on the other
end was a tench, as it was darting all
over the place. I got the rod back out
and got a couple more hours sleep,
but made sure I was up for 5am as I
wanted to see if anything was showing.
After getting up and making a coffee I sat there looking out and watching for any signs of activity, but it was
pretty quiet with only the odd set of
bubbles coming up straight out in
front of me. As the early morning
passed I started to think that the fish
had buggered off again, as it was
really quiet. I received a phone call
just before 9am from a mate, and


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