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Roach Pit Royalty
while we were talking he asked if
much was happening. My reply was
something like “It’s dead, mate. I’ve
not seen a thing since I got up. Saying
that, I’ve got something sheeting up
on me now on my middle rod.” With
that the rod ripped off and I had to cut
him off in order that I could deal with
the fish. The initial take was pretty
powerful, but I soon had things under
control, and a few minutes later I netted a stunning looking mirror. The fish
turned out to be one called the Ornamental, and at 24lb 12oz I was more
than happy with the outcome. On the
mat the fish went crazy, but the
minute I lifted it for a few pictures it
didn’t move a muscle. As soon as I
returned it to the mat though it would
start thrashing around again – it was
a crazy fish! I’m glad I’d stayed put
though and not moved, as I was
tempted to.
After doing the pictures I got the
rod back out for a few hours, but
come lunchtime I decided to reel in
and rest the swim, as I felt that this
could actually do me a favour. I
nipped down the pub with Marcus for
a quick bite to eat, and then we
returned to the lake and chilled out for
a few hours. I got the rods back out
late afternoon around 5pm, and when
doing so I opted to top up each spot
with around half a kilo of boilie and a
couple of Spombs of the particle mix.
That evening, around 10.30pm, the
fish started showing just behind the
middle rod. There was light rain, so it
was difficult to see properly, but I
stayed up into the night until just
after 1am, and even then the carp
were still poking their heads out. As I
lay down I couldn’t help but think
that I was on for a fish, if not more. I
struggled to get to sleep as every time
I closed my eyes I heard one go over,
and it had me up and looking out.
Eventually though I must have drifted
off, but at 4.30am I was woken by my
alarm clock on my phone. What I saw
when I opened my eyes put me into a
sort of panic. The bobbin on my middle rod was jammed into the wheel of
my Neville, the line was out of the
clip, and there must have been at
least 15-20 yards of line missing off
the spool! On picking up the rod it
was clear that everything was locked
up in a load of weed and that I was
pretty much buggered. I eventually
managed to drag the rig back in complete with a shit load of weed but no
fish. I was gutted, as I was certain
that what had done me was a carp.
The multi rig was pulled tight and the
(Top left) I wonder what’s at the end
of this Rainbow.
(Top right) With a reaction like this to
the naturals, I could see that this bait
was going to be a winner.
(Above right) Just look at all that
(Left) Marcus tying up rigs to show on
the filming we did for Sticky.
(Right) After a few days of heavy rain
my kit was getting ruined.
lead was missing out of the clip. On
checking the alarm I realised that the
battery had died on it in the night,
something that I couldn’t have done
anything about.
I sorted the rig out and recast out to
the spot, but I had a feeling that the
fish would have been spooked by


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