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Roach Pit Royalty
what had probably gone on. The rain
got heavier throughout the day, and
by late afternoon it was absolutely
hammering it down. I didn’t see a
thing all day other than rain, and I also
found out that I had a leaky brolly too,
and that my bed was soaked. I was
going to get an early night in as I was
worn out, but just after 10.30pm I witnessed a good fish throw itself out of
the water just down to my left, a few
yards off the left rod. I sat up for a further hour, but nothing more happened
and I decided to get some muchneeded sleep.
I was back up at 5am the following
morning, but it looked dead. Previous
mornings I had seen fish fizzing up
around the spot, but
today I saw nothing, and
I was convinced that the
fish had done the off.
Within an hour though things
changed and I started to see fish
through the horrid rain that had continued to fall. At a little after 8.30am I
saw a really good fish show directly
opposite me in Sanctuary’s water. By
midmorning it had gone quiet again,
but I felt that the fish were still about,
as every now and then I saw a bird
spook or a slight rocking of the water.
I decided not to reel in but leave the
rods out until late afternoon, and this
could have paid off when at 2.15pm I
had an absolute melter of a take on
my right hand rod. The take was so
violent that despite having a loose
clutch the spool couldn’t keep up
with what the fish wanted to take and
it ripped it from the rest.
I managed to get hold of the rod
before it disappeared into the lake,
and also managed to loosen the
clutch further, but I was still being
flat-rodded each time I tried to lift the
rod up. Eventually though I managed
to get some sort of control over it, but
with that it powered off once again
and I could feel the leadcore grating
against something as it went over the
top of a gravel bar. Suddenly the leadcore stopped grating; it was at that
moment that I realised it was now on
the mono, and at that moment the
line parted! I was gutted and
launched the rod into the bushes to
my side. That was three losses now
within three weeks and this on a lake
where three bites was good going in
a year! I was not a happy man to say
the least. Deep down I knew that
what I had lost was a good-sized fish
too, and this didn’t help matters. I
needed to clear my head, so I reeled in
the other rods and went for a walk.
Marcus came round to see me and I
explained to him what had happened.
He tried to cheer me up, but it was
going to take a fair bit to do that, as I
was fuming with myself despite there
(Top left) A misty morning in the Day
swim just before the first bite.
(Top right) Readying Orange Scale.
(Left) The Little Fully at 19lb 14oz.


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