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Roach Pit Royalty
being nothing I could have done
about it. I saw the rest of the session
out, but deep down I knew I wasn’t
fishing at my best, and early Saturday
morning I packed up and headed off
home to see my kids. It’s amazing
how just seeing your family can pick
you up – I soon forgot about what had
occurred, and a good weekend was
spent with the two most important
people in my life.
Well, after a weekend with the kids
I was back over at the lake, and at a
little after 7am I pulled into the car
park. I spent the majority of the day
walking the lake looking for signs of
something to go on. Once again I
ended up back in the Day swim, as
although I had seen fish elsewhere,
the majority of what I had seen was
out in front of the swim and also on
the areas that I had been baiting. Just
as I had been doing for the last couple
of weeks, I baited the spots up with a
few kilos of the Krill as well as the particle mix that I was now knocking up
well enough that I could probably do
it blindfolded. The spots were cleaner
than the previous week and I felt
more than happy to go back in there.
By early evening I had the rods out
and enough bait out to the point that
confidence was high. Just on 7.15pm
a fish showed four times out to my
right, then just a few minutes later
another showed long out in front of
the swim. As time went on the fish
started rolling all over the area – to my
left, to my right, in front of me, and I
also heard them out in the Swimming
Pool to my far left. I stayed up for the
(Top) Orange Scale at 38lb 10oz.
(Right) Looks stunning in the
morning sun.


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