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Baitzone Hemp Mash Tips
The finished oily bag/stick mix.
Now take some PVA mesh.
ones here are 1.5mm in size and my
favourite at present. Then add some
Richworth Baits trout pellet powder,
which adds a nice cloud to the stick
mix. If you want to add some hemp
then this is the time to do it, and the
new garlic version is perfect to add an
extra kick to the mix. Finally mix
together with some Aqua-Stim liquid.
This natural product can’t really be
overloaded so don’t worry too much
about levels, although 30-50mm is
perfect. Once you’ve mixed it all
together then leave in the bait tub for
a couple of hours so all the ingredients absorb the liquids etc. The mix is
now ready and makes a great oily
attractive stick mix that will pump
out food signals around your hookbait.
When using these sticks almost
any hookbait can be used, but maize
or tigers are excellent as are a whole
range of boilie type hookbaits – the
choice is really down to you. When it
comes to tactics and baiting methods
then in my view the ideal choice is a
Spombed bed of hemp/particle that
will get the fish feeding confidently
and then the oily hemp mash sticks
fished over the top will draw the fish
to your hookbait. If you’ve not yet
given the mash baits a go then you’re
certainly missing out, as these are an
attractive user-friendly product that
Make up your sticks to the required
can be used for a number of purposes.
Like the majority of Baitzone’s products the fact that the mash range are
PVA friendly gives the anglers a number of options to use the baits. All can
be added to solid PVA bags to give a
great attraction, and with so many
options available you can create your
own individual bag or stick mix that
no other angler will have.
Fo r m o r e d e t a i l s c h e c k o u t n
Maize or tiger nuts make great
Spombing a great way of delivering
hemp or particles.
A lovely recent linear mirror, taken with the aid of an oily bag mix.


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