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Two Nights and a Day
meaning that he couldn’t wind in
without it jamming in the tip ring, it
was a blank for all three of them in the
end. The silk weed continued further
up to the left of Three Oaks along the
no fishing bank in the margins. It
looked really good and the fish obviously thought so too.
I returned with my barrow passing
the anglers who were leaving on my
way over the field, I think there was
one other angler on the lake over in
the Woods area on the opposite side
of the lake. At last I felt like I had a
great chance of catching one; all I had
to do was work out how I could fish
effectively without the weed causing
a problem when trying to land a fish.
I waited until the fish drifted further
up the margin to my left, and I waded
out a little and flicked a small lead out
just past the weed and let the line settle down on top of it. I then lifted the
rod to tighten the line, and it appeared
that I had made a washing line out of
silkweed – not good! I had to carry
the line over the weed somehow, but
all I had was some storm poles that
were a vital part of my shelter for the
night. The weather looked changeable too but I would have to manage
with just one. I screwed a butt grip in
to the pole, waded out again and positioned it centrally so that it could hold
two lines before each left at different
angles to where I would lay each trap.
I reckoned that this would keep my
line off the weed and if I hooked a
fish, the line will be lifted clear of the
butt grip when I picked up the rod,
and I should then be able to wade out
just past the weed to net a fish.
I decided to use the Fruit
Smoothy/Fruit Juice snowman on
both rods – nothing complicated at all
– a long coated braid hooklink of
probably just over 12in, a long hair
My first Redesmere carp – only a scraper 20 but I was pleased to be off the mark.
and a size eight Covert Incizor with a
small shrink tube kicker. I was very
confident with this presentation but I
fancied putting some freebies in too
this time. I had some Fruit Smoothy
boilies in 12 and 16mm that I had
soaked in some of the Smoothy
Amino liquid that we had made at
work. This liquid is packed with
amino acids along with the Fruit
Smoothy attractor package. It is
extremely attractive, but it is heavy
due to its low oil content. It sinks to
the bottom and looks almost like
crumbed boilie. It will boost pretty
much any bait and my frozen boilies
A view across the lake to the Floating Island, the highlighted peg was soon to be
very kind to me although I didn’t know that while taking this picture!
had drawn it all in. The mixed sizes
went out in the catapult and around
half a kilo was spread over both rods.
I had overcome the weed problem
and I was now fishing a peg that no
one else would fish; a number of the
lake’s low stock were here and my
confidence was high.
The rest of the day seemed to fly by
as I sat there watching the fish cruise
around sometimes only a rod length
away from my baits. I wasn’t about to
reposition rigs or change the tactics
as these carp looked more interested
in catching some sun that had broken
through after the cloudy start. I
watched the sun fall and got into bed
beneath my crooked shelter almost
sure that I would get a bite before
leaving in the morning.
Morning came, the kettle was on,
and I watched as a fish crashed just
past the baited area. I had an hour
and a half before I had to pack up, but
was it enough? I had just put my
brolly away when the left hand rod
whacked over, the alarm sounded and
the spool started spinning; I was
finally attached to a Redesmere carp!
The battle was over pretty quickly to
be honest, and after wading through
the thick weed as far out as I could, a
20lb mirror was bundled over the net
cord meaning I was off the mark and


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