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Two Nights and a Day
hookbait wasn’t visible I knew I’d
hooked it well back in the mouth just
like the other fish I had caught. I left it
resting in my net while I got everything ready; camera, weigh sling, mat,
scales and then it was time to lift the
net. I gently lay the fish down on my
mat and as it rested on its side, a single scale came into view on its right
flank. Anyone who catches one of
their target fish will know the feeling
that I had at that moment –
Redesmere’s Single Scale was lying
on my mat and I could hardly believe
Single Scale pulled the scales round
to 35 on the nose; not a huge fish by
today’s standards, but a proper history fish that some spend many, many
years trying to catch. I had changed
my approach, chanced a bait that the
lake had never seen and the pieces of
the puzzle fell into place in just two
nights and a day. I know what you are
thinking – a day? Well after photographing and returning my target
fish, I sat there with a brew reliving
the events that unfolded that day. I
was confident of more bites but I’d
Redesmere’s biggest carp was mine! Single Scale weighed 35lb exactly, a fish
that is said to be over 50 years old!
just caught the biggest, and what
was in my eyes the best, fish in the
lake, my gear was now drenched, so
was I and I didn’t fancy staying the
French Holiday Destination
night like that. I packed up with a
smile on my face and headed home to
celebrate! Until next time, enjoy and
be lucky. n
Day Ticket Carp Fishery
28lb 14oz
Ghost common
France’s premier runs water
07810 710 880
Angler: Lofty Speed
Capture date: 21st April 2017
L: 01270 812929
M: 07747 007669
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