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Look and You Shall Find
pictures! Magic, and he has just
phoned up to say thanks for hooking
him up with Rob! Watch this space!
A massive thanks also to a chap
that sent me the issue of Big Carp
that I last wrote in. Rob sent my copy
to my old address (my fault). Now that
is not a problem, but if you saw it, Rob
headed the article with a full-page
picture of my daughter with her first
good carp. I was desperate to own a
copy as a keepsake, and one post on
the Cemex forum and this really nice
bloke just texted me and said a copy
was in the post first class if I gave him
my address! He would not take a
penny either (I sent him some shirts
as a thanks). So thanks again mate;
she took it to school to show at
assembly (bless).
Under your Nose!
This whole year it really has hit
home how you make your own luck;
there really is no substitute for legwork! If you get off your arse and look
for them then you will find them. Now
I don’t mean wandering off down
three swims with your rods still out,
only to return 20 minutes later after
seeing nowt and telling everyone you
been looking for them twice a day!
Even to reel in and have a 45-minute
wander is just as poor. Looking really
is best with kit stashed somewhere
safe, and the longer you look the more
you will understand what the carp’s
movements and habits are. If you
know these things, then catching
them really isn’t that hard. If you
know when and where they are going
to feed, the rest does not have to be
perfect, and results will follow! People
think I can say that because I have
time to fish, but I fish for around 30
hours maximum a week and will still
spend 20 of those hours without a line
in the water!
(Above) 150 acres all to myself.
(Below) 39lb 14oz – ooh, nearly!
I have been mapping out this new
pit, not for depths etc but for fish
sightings. On what is an inland sea I
have yet to see a show at range;
everything spotted has been 30 yards
from the bank and 80% of those less
than a yard from the bank. It’s so easy
to miss 75% of it though, as the only
time you will see them at this time of
the year is strictly between 4am and
6am. After setting the alarm clock for
3.30am I’m off (like prawns left out in


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