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Look and You Shall Find
the end a big bed of bait was as useful
as a wicker canoe. Although it will go
full circle and as we all bait with just
enough for a bite, the time will come
when the big beds will work once
The problem with bait boats is that
so many continue on regardless of
results with the same tactic – rig in
hopper and hopper full of bait! This
has really hit home on my new venue,
and fishing in the same areas without
a bait boat has seen fish getting
hooked regularly where the bait boat
boys are sitting behind static rods.
the sun) to be out looking and stalking! It’s funny the only people out of
the sleeping bag before 6.30am that I
see are the guy we have already spoken of and my old mate Gristy Burger.
Funny that, isn’t it?
You see now why I am off in the
morning? Right time (4-6am) and
right place (one yard out). Gristy
laughed at my first take coming from
range, all 4ins from the bank… wink
Knowing a Trap!
We have all probably noticed that
with the popularity of bait boats over
the last few years, the fish really do
wise up to a baiting pattern. On the
syndicate water I fish, loading a bait
boat with rig and a full hopper of bait
did work to start with, but as with any
baiting situation it soon blew. The
same water had not seen big beds of
bait when I joined so I tried it, and it
worked, but soon they wise up and in
Spodding, sticking bait out or even
other means (hmm) has given the fish
a spread of bait that they do not fear
and they are really feeding. Now as
you can tell I’m not a fan of bait boats,
but each to their own and all that (I
would rather sit behind rods cast up a
tree!). But if you are going to use one,
why not use your brain? Trip one: single hookbait only in hopper. Trip two:
half a hopper of flake boilie chops so
that they spread out as they go
through the water. This second drop
could be three yards away from the
hookbait. If you have the battery
power, why not one or two more
drops even further away from the spot
with just a handful of bait? Give them
something they have not seen utilising time and effort and thought that
perhaps we do not associate with the
bait boat boys, wink wink. That’s
probably going to make me as popular as a pistol at a pacifist’s convention, but it’s said tongue-in-cheek
(Top) Five-star room for staff on tour.
(Above) Rags on Tour.
(Left) One for the future.


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