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Look and You Shall Find
and perhaps might help them put a
fish on the bank.
A Challenge
I’d like to give a quick mention to
young Dan who’s on the Car Park this
year. This young 19-year-old has a lot
to learn (as we all have), but I find
myself picking his brain weekly in the
local tackle shop. He’s great on rigs,
and always thinking brilliantly about
his fishing. He did well on the North
Lake last year, and I really do hope he
has a great season! I will be bold here
and predict he will! So focused is he
that the rumour is that he has
dropped all thoughts of women and
now spends a lot of time with the
Yateley bailiffs... Tight lines, Dan –
fish your way and you shall succeed.
I’ve put in a picture of young Dan for
you with the boss man of the excellent “Tackle Company”. The boss is
the one with the teeth that make him
look like he’s eating a boiled sweet
through a badminton racket!
Time Flies
I’ve just been on Facebook and
read Mr. Maylin saying how proud he
is of Big Carp mag, and rightly so as
it’s the old school mag. It made me
think how long the “Rags” (Pukka
Carpin’ Rags) has been going, and the
answer is 20 years now. Wow, that
makes me feel as old as Methuselah.
It’s been great fun and some real history along the way, with “Rags” on
Jim Shelley while holding Two-Tone,
and they have been pictured in all the
history books: “Still Searching” etc,
and even on videos of the Burghfield
common. Before the days of contracts
and being tied into a company they
were worn by the likes of Hearn,
Chilly, Jenkins, Maylin and many
more. It’s been great fun and as
always just tongue-in-cheek fun!
Great Just Being There
The great thing is it’s the first time
I have been on the same venue as
Chris (aka Gristy) for some years, and
“Agro Ali” is even going to join us, he
of ginger fame with a face that really
did have a terrible path down from
the ugly tree! They have given me a
new nickname that has stuck unfor-
Carp Fisheries
tunately, and that’s “Simmo”. Boys, I
may be shaped like one, but am I
r e a l l y t h a t u g l y ? We d o n ’t f i s h
together as such, but we all head for
the same place, usually around 10am
when the fish have done the off and
we can catch up over breakfast. It’s
just fun to share info and have the
crack, and what with hitting it off
with old Robbie Williams the hauling
Smurf it’s gonna be a fun summer!
The only problem for Ali and me is
that Gristy is in full flow and when
he’s got his fishing head on he leaves
us for dust! And just when you think
you know a fair bit, you meet someone that really is a different league in
every aspect of catching them – bastard. Mind you, I will do anything I
can to help him out. Now which way
did you come in, mate? Wink wink.
That’s it from me. Never make the
mistake of thinking you know it all!
There are always a few surprises out
there. I hope your alarm clocks are
loud and the ice-cold beers you bring
are reassuringly expensive! n
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Romford • Essex • RM5 3RP
Tel: 01708 730513
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