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Get on the Artisan!
ent story though as the wind had
changed to a southwesterly as
promised by my weather pro app.
There was a nice steady breeze
slowly pushing into my swim and by
midday I’d seen a couple of fish show.
I’d found a few spots beforehand and
actually started to feel good for a bite.
Clarissa and Emmi (her two-year-old
daughter) came down to visit me
about 3pm for a few hours and in that
time we’d seen five or six fish show in
my swim. A couple of these were over
my middle rod that was fished
towards the far margin reedline just
off a little bay in the reeds, this particular spot had about 2kg of boilie on
offer. I reeled in at 7pm to let them
both out of the gate as it was nearly
Emmi’s bedtime, much to Clarissa’s
disappointment as she loves being at
the lake, and I could sense a little jealousy from her as I waved her goodbye
down the road.
I was soon back at my swim and
put my baits back out on the spots,
still not feeling overly confident but
felt like I had half a chance for once. I
retired to my pit about 11pm and had
only seen a couple more shows during that time. I awoke the following
morning with that feeling of defeat
that we all get, me more than others
during this season’s fishing. I was up
about 6:30am with a cup of tea in
hand, looking out across the pond. I
was thinking to myself, will I ever
catch another carp from this place? I
cooked myself a couple of sausage
and bacon baguettes, which were
quite large. When I eat too much food
I get tired and if allowable sometimes
I will have a little snooze. I needed to
be off of the lake around 10:30am as I
planned to go out for the day with
Clarissa and told her I would be round
at midday.
The next thing I knew I was woken
from my “too much food” sleep at
11:30. I rolled over on my bed and
looked out towards the spot my middle rod was fishing to as the Delkim
was screaming. “Bloody swans,” I
said out loud, but no swans were in
the area. I had a quick scan of the
swim and actually saw that there was
no bird life in the area either. That’s
when it finally sunk in – it was actually a bite. I was straight down to my
rods and commenced battle with my
fourth Manor carp. I hadn’t had a bite
since the Bulldog on 23rd June, which
went 36lb so you can imagine this all
seemed so surreal to me, as it was
now 2nd September.
I played the fish with caution as it
kited away from the reeds and into
the safety of open water. I slipped on
my waders and slowly shifted out into
the lake with my net, so that I could
gain a bit of depth to land the fish. It
felt like a good’un as most of the
Manor fish do, but I didn’t quite know
how good this fish was. It surfaced
about ten yards out and I got my first
glimpse of my prize, which looked like
a twenty at first. The fish slowly but
surely plodded towards me and that’s
(Above) “Greg Ellis still waiting for a
bite on the Manor.” I must admit
Spencer, you made me laugh with this
(Bottom) Stella at 47lb 8oz.
when I got my chance to see what I
was actually attached to. She came
snaking in towards me and I saw a
big mirror that was two-tone in
colour, and with the sheer size of this
fish I was pretty certain it was Stella.
This is the time I usually worry, but
I stayed calm, kept my cool and proceeded to carry on as if I hadn’t just
seen what I’d actually seen. After a
minute of pure adrenaline and shaky
legs she was soon safely in the folds
of my net. “Get in there,” I said to
myself. The new bait with added
Robin Red had done me proud. I
secured the fish in the net and quickly
sprinted around the other side of the
lake to get another member to do the
honours with the camera. As I
approached him I asked if he could do
some photos for me. I said, “I’ve got a
lump, it’s two tone in colour and I’m
pretty sure it’s Stella,” and with that
we were both on our way back to the
End Pads.
We got the essentials ready and a
supply of water for when the fish was
up on the bank. We both hoisted her
out of the lake and up the steps onto
the waiting mat. I began to peel the
net away and pick the weed off, and I
finally revealed my prize. It was a real
brute of a fish and could’ve only been
one of the big girls. Yessss, it was
Stella for sure. She pulled the needle
round to 47lb 8oz and was a new personal best for me. We rattled off a few
really good photos and returned her
to the pond where dreams are made –
what a fish. I’ve only got one more
thing to say now. “GET ON THE


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