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The Traveller
e rejoin Marc this month
on 'The Big Pit' for part
two of his Tales From The
Water’s Edge series…
Rob: So what sort of time are you
putting in at the moment?
Marc: Well, since the end of April
(today is 19th July) I’m doing four or
five nights a week. I’ve fitted it
around my tutorials on other lakes.
Obviously I’ve got some backing to
help in the form of DT Baits and your
Pukka Carpin’ Rags and it all helps
keep me on the bank catching –
keeps me here getting in tune with
the pit.
Rob: And you, Gristy?
Chris: Well, pretty similar really, we
turned up and started later than Marc,
but at the moment a minimum of five
nights a week. I’m in the process of
sorting my kit and bait for a mega
session, and I will be here without
really going home until I have caught
Marley and all her friends. Perhaps
when I have had my fill of big originals I will get a job! (Lots of laughter).
Rob: So you built this picture in
your mind – how long did it take you
to catch?
Marc: The first session I did two
nights in the shallows, then two
nights in open water. I picked a swim
where I could see a lot of the open
water expanse; see most of the main
bowl area. That’s another good tip on
these big waters so that you can see
the fish show. But it was on my second session that I found three fish,
very close in, in one of the bays. I
baited this area and caught one of the
babies of the lake at 26lb, a scaly one
and an absolute stunner. That would
have done me for the whole year on a
venue like this, but since then they
are just getting bigger and better, it’s
been an unbelievable time!
Rob: So let’s talk what you have
had to date. How long are you into
your campaign?
Marc: Well it’s coming up to midJuly now, and I started in the end of
April, so around two and a half
Rob: So what is the old score board
Marc: 21 fish.
Rob: 21? Wow, that’s mad!
Marc: The biggest to date is a
forty-plus common, 41lb 2oz and a
real stunner, probably uncaught, so
I’ve named that one Smurf! It’s one of
my special captures, not a PB, but
from a place like this, it means a lot!
The others have all been special,
upper thirty commons, and mirrors to
34lb 8oz at the moment, again stunners and so special. Some have not
been huge, one only a low double, but
real crackers all the same.
Chris: All from different areas as
well wasn’t it, Marc?
Marc: Yes, from range, marginal
(Tom) More 30lb action – come on
(Left) (Below) Just 12ft from the


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