freeline-25 - Page 124

The Traveller
shelves, stalking, reed beds, lily pads,
cut-throughs – lots of different areas.
Rob: Gristy you have had a few
early on as well, on those big winds?
Chris: Yeah, a couple of commons
on my second week on. I’ve done
three weeks and since with nothing,
but I’ve been getting on ‘em, so we
live in hope!
Rob: So Marc’s on 21, Gristy’s on 2,
and I can tell the Big Carp readers
that we have had an amazing 23-fish
haul between the three of us! (Lots of
Marc: Yeah, Rob, happy days.
(Laughter). Considering that this
place has not done anything like that
in a season between all the anglers…
so called.
Rob: Yes let’s put into perspective
what the boys have done here, in particular Marc – 21 fish in a very short
period on a very large, low stocked
Marc: Yep the THREE of us are
doing ok! (More laughter).
Rob: So how long are we on here
then? Is it a set time or is it when the
big girls get caught?
Marc: I don’t plan the campaign as
in how long; I take each session as it
comes. Don’t put too much pressure
on yourself – on each I session look at
the conditions, locate them and fish
for ‘em all on my favourite spots. Like
I said earlier 150 is down to ten acres
max, with three main areas, fishing
for one bite at a time. Let them have a
nice few kilos of boilies… Wow look at
this rain!
Rob: Swing that chair in a bit,
Chris: Is that thing still picking up
our voices?
(At this point we stop for a minute
to check we are still recording sound
in a very heavy downpour battering
the brolly).
Marc: So yes; I don’t put a time on
it, but from what I’ve seen, there are a
few in here which are a bit special.
(Top) Come on, Mother Nature.
(Below) Now in Horton – Gristy with a
bit of history.
The 40lb common was nice, but I feel
I have to stay on to get one of the jewels in the crown!
Chris: To be fair, I think they could
genuinely be uncaught. That big
lump that we saw in the bay last
week, Marc – 100% on the fly hatch.
Marc: Something like that shows
you just how much they are on the
naturals – they have been on them all
their lives. Those fifties could be living for most of the year on naturals in
the mid and upper layers. That fish
we saw during the course of that
evening and night must have done,
well I know it sounds crazy, but
maybe a kilo of fly and hatch!
Chris: That’s the thing; the way he
was doing it – not just coming up for
individual bits, but just trawling the
surface for ‘em!
Marc: Yeah, waddling.
Chris: Not down then back up to
feed – just hoovering the surface and
staying on the surface. So he was
really getting through some grub in
amongst those hatches!
Marc: Yeah, you could put a thousand flies in your hand and it’s nothing, but it’s enough for that big carp to
possibly sustain itself.
Chris: Yeah, that’s all protein, eh?
Marc: If she wants a proper meal,
there’s bloodworm as big as a small
child’s arm, and zebras! All these
things are what we are up against,
switching that carp off naturals to our
baits, a boilie or tiger or whatever that
may be.
C h r i s : Ye a h , i f t h e y a r e t h a t
switched on to hatch and flies, just
imagine what they are like under the


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