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The Traveller
surface with all the naturals on the
bottom or midwater! It’s mental when
you think about it; it could blow your
Rob: We have all seen the bloodworm in here, but what about that
10mm mussel bed I found of hundreds of 10mm poo green mussels in
an area the size of a pool table? Mental!
Marc: That spot just needs a tiny
bag on it, and I think it’s still going to
work. You just know they must feed
Rob: Or… Get a load of mussels!
(Lots of laughter).
Marc: Who could have those then?
Rob: Just to let the readers know,
I’ve turned up today armed with a
bucket of human grade mussels, all 15
kilos of em! Just trying to tip things in
my favour!
Rob: That moves us onto bait then.
Marc, what’s your baiting approach?
Most on here feel they need a lot of
bait on these big waters, tending to
go down the cheaper options. We
have noticed the fish having a bit of a
fear factor when it comes to standard
trouties. So what sort of route have
you gone down?
Marc: Again I think any bait can
work, but I like to be different instead
of going with your big sacks of cheap
bait like maize and pellet etc and
dumping it all in one spot like the bait
boat boys do – they have seen it over
and over again over the years. Fish
have definitely been caught here, but
it only takes one fish in a shoal to get
nailed on a big tight bed of bait, and
all of ‘em can wise up pretty quick. I
went in from day one with a quality
food source in the form of DT Baits NBlend and Fish ‘n’ Blood with Fresh
Orange. We know the boilie has the
potential to outfish everything; I just
thought the N-Blend had the pulling
power of the nuts but the longevity of
the boilie on the nutritional side.
Another reason is that on a big water
like this a lot of people will have used
quantities of nuts, so the boilie-only
option was better and different.
Rob: What about you, Gristy?
Chris: I started with a lot of particle, but my thinking is similar to Marc
on this hence I have just parted with
some cash and got 50kg of Trent
Baits’ excellent boilies. Just baiting
different spots lightly at the moment
but have a feeling a big hit of boilies
could work here. But I’m just holding
fire at the moment, waiting to find the
right spot in the right conditions. But
yes, in the next month or so I will be
letting it have a bit of bait in here! I
will still use a bit of particle to clean a
few new spots off, as there are some
huge bream in here (mid to upper
doubles) and plenty of tench (14lb 9oz
to a fellow carper), so yeah, they will
help to clean the spots off. There’s lots
of silk weed in here and will feel happier when I have got them all a bit
Rob: So which areas are we going
to target?
(Top) The bites just kept coming.
(Left) A little one from range for a


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