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The Traveller
Marc: The areas I’m going to target are Boat Bay as there are nice
drop-offs, and the snags as we have
seen them a lot in there.
Chris: Sorry to stop you Marc, but I
think this rain will deffo stop the
recorder this time!
(Another amazing storm goes
Rob: Ok, blue skies and bright sun-
shine again, where were we?
Marc: Areas…
Chris: Just going back to bait a
minute… I’m sure your results on the
N-Blend and Blood and Orange are
because of the washed-out look to
the first and the pH levels of the second. I spoke to the guys at DT and
they said with the Blood and Orange,
the orange is very acidic, and I’m sure
this is a factor on here.
Marc: Yeah, the N-Blend was chosen because of the colour and the link
back to nuts, which we guess have
gone in in some quantities, but also
the washed-out look. The Blood and
Orange was a backup really, but yes it
really does seem to stop ‘em in their
tracks, and it could be the pH levels in
the orange element. I can also play
one off against the other – two very
different baits – one dark, one light in
colour. Also the blood element with
the bloodworm could be a factor. Is
that helping me with the naturals?
Rob: This pH bit is too much for
me, boys. (Laugh). It’s also how you
apply it though, isn’t it? You’re getting
a bait to some of the rangey spots by
hook or by crook.
Marc: Easy, tiger! (Chuckles all
Rob: The bait boat boys are fishing
these areas without success, areas
you are catching well from. It’s got to
be the way you’re applying the bait. I
think that’s what you have done differently on here. It’s not a presentation these fish are used to; they are
used to the drop of a bait boat at
range, but you’re spreading your bait
away from your hookbait. It’s a great
food source, but I feel it’s this different
spread of bait that’s tripping them up
– spreading the bait at range and
every week putting a couple of kilos
on good spots where they are feeding,
at range and on the marginal shelves,
etc. It’s good bait applied intelligently.
Marc: There are two stretches of
marginal shelves in my areas; one is
150 yards and the other some 300
yards, so I’ve got to feel if I have 30
spots down that stretch with a handful of boilies on each spot. You know,
on 300 yards of margin you get a feel
that once the fish patrol it, picking up
regular free meals, its going to make
your stalking so much easier. That’s
the way I approach my close-in fishing.
I won’t bait just one spot – bait
boats bait one spot (usually), but I’m
spreading the bait at range but also in
close. Cover a big area, and give ‘em a
couple of free meals. If you can spread
2kg of bait over 100 yards there are
plenty of free meals. They are wild
carp and they are going to follow that
(Top left) Gristy bath big pit style.
(Below) Single bait in 150 acres.


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