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The Traveller
Unknown uncaught 40lb common – that’s how the Smurf rolls.
Rob: Talking about drive and work
rate, Gristy and I fished with Uncle
Jim Shelley going back a bit, and
Marc you are very similar indeed –
always ultra-keen and always working really hard at your fishing. Jim’s
attitude and work rate was scary to
watch – phenomenal. People think
that guys like Marc and Jim are time
Chris: Yeah, you can have the time
and go camping, or you can have the
time and use it! I’ve had the time in
the past but just slipped into lazy fishing. Time is so difficult to manage if
you have lots and lots of it!
Rob: You have to be driven, don’t
Chris: Yeah, that’s it; I think this
place has the right effect on my
Marc: Just seeing those lumps
bosh out on those big winds last
week – there’s your motivation right
Rob: Yeah, standing alone on 150
acres with a big southwesterly and
the big girls boshing!
(Since the interview I spotted a big
fish up close, no more than four feet
from the bank. I don’t want to embarrass myself by putting a weight on it,
but watch this space).
Chris: Yeah, if they look big at that
range then you know it’s something.
Rob: And we have seen the better
backup fish up close in the edge
haven’t we?
Marc: Yes we have. Well, I’ve
caught three up close. There’s a
stretch of margin I’d baited for six
weeks, quite heavily really, and I’d
dropped in to see if I could see fish. I
saw the Snag Common that lives here
(22lb). It’s funny I have not caught
this fish yet from that spot, but she
had a 37lb mirror with her. The Snag
Common is usually a loner, so I’m
assuming that the mirror is also a
loner fish that has joined the common. So let’s see what the next 24
hours brings.
Rob: Brilliant – you saw this mirror
in the same place we have been seeing them, within three feet of the
bank in gin clear water; the same spot
as we both watched the 37lb common.
Marc: Yeah, the one with the big
shoulders, six inches from the bank!
Rob: Then I saw the mirror you
caught off the green – mid-thirty.
Marc: Yes, 34lb 14oz that one.
Rob: So we have seen some cracking fish in the edge.
Marc: Yeah, I’d rather catch ‘em in
the edge.
Chris: Too right!
Marc: The range swims do see a
bit of pressure believe it or not, so if
we can catch ‘em in the edge all the
Rob: As we said earlier, breaking it
down to just ten acres, but fishing the
margins as well as the open water
Marc: Going back to Brogborough
days, when I first looked at that water,
I went, “Wow, big acreage and just 40
fish!” I thought, what am I doing
here? I blanked quite a lot to start
with obviously. But all I did on this
massive water was put across
through an aerial picture of the lake –
work out my southwesterlies. I then
targeted each quarter as a separate
lake just as I have done on this lake,
really. Here I have done eight sessions
of five days and only blanked on two
of them, so not bad on a water of this
Rob: What we observe now will
help further down the line. They are
going to turn up in the same places
on the same conditions in the future.
We (Gristy and I) used to fish a lake
just up the road, which was 100 acres.
Chris: Yeah, not far off, nearly 100.
Rob: It’s changed now and is heavily stocked, but back in the day there
were only 30 fish in there. You would
find fish in the same old spots at certain times of year. Early spring and
you would find all of ‘em in a certain
bay. Now 30 fish in six acres does not
sound so daunting, does it?
Chris: Yes that’s it; they can get
very set in their ways in these big
pits. It’s like the time I did a spring on
Thorpe Park. I’ve got no idea how big
it is, but I can remember it had three
or four sections that were all joined
together – at a guess two to three
hundred acres, maybe more. But at
certain times of the year they would
group up in certain areas, and I kid
you not it was like a runs water with
two or three runs a night! But then for
the rest of the year it was rock hard.
Rob: You had a lovely brace from
there, didn’t you?
Chris: Yeah, I had a zip linear, but
by today’s standards, nothing massive.
Rob: But back then it was a
cracker – quite a big fish at the time.
Chris: Oh, yeah.
Rob: How old were you then
Gristy, when you had the brace?
Chris: I think I was thirteen or
fourteen. I remember winning
“Hutchy Junior Carper” in Carp Talk!
(Lots of laughter).
Rob: Thirteen years old on 300


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