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Rod Hutchinson Products
Our natural hemp is a superb way to
bring fish into your swim and stimulate
them to actively search out food
Our luggage range is proving popular
Whether it’s the way the luggage has a modular storage system,
where each piece has common dimensions meaning that no space
is wasted or the high quality materials and zips, our customers and
team members are loving it. Check it out for yourself on our website
Thanks to hemp’s naturally appetising properties, the natural oil
that is in the hemp will spread throughout the water creating a
slick of attraction leading right down to your swim. Cooked, soaked
and prepared to be PVA-friendly and ready to use straight out of the
resealable bag. Why not add some of our liquid food such as KMG
or Ballistic B to add even more attraction that will create a large
cloud of attraction that covers your swim?
For the last 12 months, Alan Beacher has been having great success on our Rod Hutchinson Fast Catch range of pop-ups and bait
glugs. The range of flavours are Strawberry Cream (red), Mega Tutti
Frutti (orange), Tiger Nut Spice (yellow), Coconut Crunch (white)
and Spicy Krill (red). He had very good success on the Spicy Krill,
Coconut Crunch, Mega Tutti Frutti and Tiger Nut Spice on his local
canal (if you’ve ever canal carped, you will know how hard they can
be to catch).
To start, Alan prepares his chosen pop-ups by pouring the
matching glug into the pop-up tub, putting the lid back on and then
giving it a gentle shake, allowing it to soak in the liquid to enhance
the flavour. He leaves them to dry, and when that’s complete, he reglugs them for maximum attraction. The old canal carp have seen
all the different baits and flavours over the years. Fishing with 3
rods, each with a different flavour pop-up, offers them a variety of
flavours and colours. The Fast Catch range of pop-ups and bait
glugs offer the angler good value for money and excellent visual
The Dream Maker landing net is the
landing net that you dream about
Made with the lightest, strongest materials we can source, this
landing net will not only withstand landing those big fish; it will
also not drain the strength from your arms whilst trying to land that


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