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Berkshire 30s and Guilty Confessions
(Left) My first Berkshire 30 at 32lb.
(Above) Rods out at range.
(Bottom left) On the scales she spun
the needle round to 36lb 12oz.
(Bottom right) A celebratory glass of
wine was in order, but it just doesn’t
taste right cold.
finally managed to net the fish! I
could see it was a bit of a lump as I
eased her over the cord, and when I
flicked the head torch on, it confirmed
it! On the scales she spun the needle
round to 36lb 12oz to confirm I had
banked my second Berkshire 30 in as
many weeks! I was really pleased that
my graft on the water had paid off
with one of the better fish. But I can’t
help but to think I was lucky to land it;
the line above the Kamo leader was
weakened by the rubbing friction, so I
was glad I had a tapered mainline on
(Korda tapered SUBline) that was 0.50
at the tip, because I think a normal
diameter mono would have given out.
I had the 94 acres to myself so my
next issue was to get some photos
done. I was really pleased when my
old mate and BCAC partner Nathan
Bailey texted back to say he didn’t
mind being a bit late for work to see
one of the Big Pit’s fish on the bank
and came out to take some snaps at
dawn. Thanks Nathan, and big congratulations on becoming a dad!
The rest of the session passed
without action and I only saw one fish
show, but I was more than happy
with the result. Over the course of the
next few weeks I fished between the
two swims and only saw one fish
show in the time I was there. Jon was
the only other angler who was regularly persevering, and he wasn’t seeing much either, so in mid-November
I decided to call it a day and start a
new campaign on a water a bit closer
to home. I think I might have pulled
off a bit early, because Jon had a nice
older looking 30 the week I gave it a
miss. But I have to say I’m really looking forward to my new challenge, and
I hope I can get some of the ancient
looking warriors in my photo album
before Christmas. n


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