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A Rewarding Return to Theale Lagoon
ing the night the floating weed had
blown over the lines, and I couldn’t
get the line to cut up through it so the
only choice was to get in. The water
was a real wake-up call, as I crashed
into the cool margins ripping the
weed off with my hands. Weed was
flying off everywhere; it must have
been hilarious. I must have resembled
a madman if anyone had seen me, but
soon the weed was off the lines and a
good bend in the rod showed the fish
was still connected but quite a long
way out.
It must have got tired after its first
run, as before long I had it charging
up and down in front of my position,
up to my waist in the water with the
net outstretched. With the carp gliding into the net again, I was like a kid
at Christmas, peering into the net at a
cracking looking mirror, again looking
over the 30lb mark. I woke Lewis up,
who was completely unaware of the
occurrence. On the scales it was just
under 32lb and felt a little empty,
obviously from spawning. I fished the
same area the following week for an
overnighter and had a blank night –
nothing showed and there was no
sign of fish. Conditions had changed;
the following week strong southwesterlies were due, and I knew exactly
where to be.
The following week I had a fournight session with a good friend,
Gary. He had also spent a lot of time
and effort sussing out the Lagoon’s
inhabitants. We both agreed (after
much discussion given the forecast
for the coming days) to fish off the
back of the island systems. This
would mean fishing off an island that
you can wade across to with a set of
chest waders. The area has only been
open the last few months and has
never been fished before, as far as we
knew. Gary was due to turn up two
days before me, so at least hopefully I
would get a idea of what was about
before I got there.
His first two nights resulted in lots
of liners, and he had also seen fish
showing on dark in the general areas,
but nothing had been forthcoming. I
was due to get down in the evening
and it was that morning Gary called
me to say he had one in the net. It
was a nice looking 33lb’er, a bit saggy
from spawning but healthy all the
same. I was well and truly gagging to
(Top) The 29lber on my first trip back
to Theale lagoon.
(Centre) 34lb of Theale perfection.
(Bottom) Our home on the island.


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