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A Rewarding Return to Theale Lagoon
bin was jammed up against the
alarm. I’d had a run whilst wading out
the other rod, and that’s why the
water was clouded up over the end of
the bar. I picked up the rod and leant
into a lifeless, solid weight. The line
was pinging off the weed past the
end of the bar and weed hung from
the line, which resembled a washing
line. I decided to try get a better angle
from the end of the bar and waded
out to get some direct contact with
the hopefully weeded-up fish. As I
applied steady pressure I could feel
the weed stems breaking, and I was
praying he was still on the end, as I
still hadn’t felt anything.
I was up to the top of my chesties
with the rod above my head applying
steady pressure when suddenly I felt
the rod lunge forward. A large boil
appeared on the surface and then I
almost taking
Gary off his feet. A big cheer went
up from Gary and me as a true chunk
was resting in the mesh. It was a
proper fighting machine with a
downturned head, long, dark leathery
flanks, and paddles the size of
saucers. I was so happy to land that
fish as it was a truly proper English
big carp. For the record the fish
weighed just shy of 35lb. Weight of a
fish of this class is immaterial, and
from a pit that is over a mile in length,
it makes me truly honoured to hold a
fish of this beauty. It makes all the
hard work and effort worthwhile.
Good luck and bag a big’un. n
(Top) The 27lb’er – a nice way to start.
(Centre) The pit stunner, 34lb 12oz.
(Bottom) The dark fighting 34lb 14oz
– a rare cracker.
was forced to let the fish take 40 yards
or so of line as it tried to make a large
nasty-looking yellow buoy. I clamped
down as much as possible with the
rod at breaking point. The fish boiled
on the top, and I let out a sigh of relief
as the fish turned away from the
buoy. I started gaining line on it when
I realised I had left the net 35 or so
yards on the bank (noddy). I shouted
as loud as I could and a shocked Gary
came running down to my swim with
a set of chesties on. He waded out
alongside me, as by now the fish wasn’t far off netting range. The fish rolled
only a couple of metres out past us
and it looked to be an incredibly long,
dark fish. As the fish started to rise in
the water its head popped up and
Gary pushed the net under it.
Just as the arms lifted around the
fish it powered off into the mesh,


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