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It Had to Come to an End Sooner or Later
elcome once
again to my
monthly diary
slot where I
let you into
what I’m up
to and what I’ve been lucky enough
to catch. This month has been nothing but a hard one for me as things
have not gone as well as the previous
few months, but I’ll tell you about it all
in a bit.
First off though is my usual “mates’
captures” slot and once again it’s
Marcus Howarth that’s in here with a
couple of absolute gems from the pit.
Firstly he caught a common that I
don’t think anyone actually recognised, and at 30lb 12oz it just goes to
show that they can so easily keep a
low profile for years. Second came yet
another peach of a fish in the shape of
a carp known as the Little Fully at a
weight of 30lb 6oz, and this is once
again a carp that is a rare visitor to
the bank. Sticky Baits White Chocolate pop-ups over the Vor-tex and also
some maggots did the damage for
Marcus, and I’m sure there will be
more to come from this man over the
coming months, as he’s a stickler for
detail, and as a result it’s bound to trip
up some more of the pit’s residents
before the end of the season.
Ok, over to my ramblings, and
when I left off last month I had just
had Atlas. Well the following Monday
I was back at Roach, and after spending the majority of the day walking
the lake I eventually ended up going
back in Rat as I’d seen absolutely
nothing to go on, and as I had been
steadily catching from there then I
had to give it another go. I had the
rods out by 3pm and after baiting the
spot up with 6kg of the Krill and a jar
of the Oily Hemp I got my home for
the week set up. Just for the record
both the left and middle rods were out
on snowman rigs with a 16mm Krill
bottom bait tipped with 12mm
Pineapple and N’butyric pop-ups, and
the right rod was out on a 360 rig with
just two 12mm Pineapple and N’butyric pop-ups. I decided to try the 360
this time around as things had been
slowing up over the last couple of
weeks and the carp could have been
feeding more cautiously, and the 360
rig has a knack of nailing the cautious
At 8.43pm I had a savage liner on
the right rod, but I had seen nothing
to say that the fish were definitely
about. I heard just the one fish in the
night, but this was close in and to my
right, nowhere near where I had any
rods, but I made a mental note in case
it showed again and I could get a rod
to it. The next 24 hours were really
quiet in front of me, but there were a
few fish showing out in Pike’s water
but this swim was taken. At 7.15 the
following morning though my spot
started slicking up. There was light
rain in the air; rain had been forecast
for most of the day, and I had a feeling
that I was going to be spending the
majority of my day under the brolly
looking at the same old piece of
water. I was starting to struggle with
sitting in the Rat swim week in week
out, and I felt that if nothing happened this week then a move would
be in order.
Slowly the flat spot got bigger, and
in amongst the spot I could just make
out light fizzing. This continued for
around 30 minutes before it started
fading out and going quiet once
(Top) Marcus with a rarely caught
Roach Pit common of 30lb 12oz.
(Left) Marcus with his second fish, a
Roach Pit stunner of 30lb 6oz.


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