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It Had to Come to an End Sooner or Later
again. The balance of the day though
was really quiet again with just the
odd little bit of activity in the form of
the odd fizzer and the occasional
tench showing. I wasn’t feeling at all
confident so imaging my surprise
when at 6pm on the nose the right
rod pulled up tight. I picked up the
rod and just felt the line between my
fingers for a few seconds to see if
there was any movement, and as I felt
the line move through them I soon
realised something was on the other
end. On bending into the fish I felt a
kick and soon confirmed I was
attached to something. Marcus was
sat with me when I had the bite, and
he grabbed the camera and the video
camera too and started filming me.
Within a few seconds whatever
was attached weeded me up, but by
getting to the top of the bank behind
me and then climbing up on top of
one of the picnic tables that was there
I managed to get some movement
and slowly things came my way. As a
big old weed bed gradually got closer
to me I started to think that maybe I
had in fact pulled out of the fish and I
was just dragging in weed. There was
no movement at all and with every
yard I got closer to the bank with the
weed the more convinced I was that
the fish had gone.
Before long I had wound the weed
bed in to the bank and as I knelt down
to start clearing weed I remember
Marcus saying to me, “Make sure that
clutch is set loose just in case, mate.”
I just replied to him with, “Don’t worry
mate, the fish has gone and it’s just
weed here.” Another of the anglers,
Joe, was watching matters and he
came down to lend a hand. I placed
the rod on the ground and started
clearing the weed so that I could get
my rig back when all of a sudden a
carp appeared from nowhere and
powered off along the front of the
swim and down to my left. My rig was
still attached to it, and as I grabbed
out for the rod the fish went under my
other rods. Joe grabbed the net in
case I got the chance to quickly net it,
but I had no hope.
There I was trying to manoeuvre
my rod under my other rods without
wiping them out while at the same
time trying to slacken off the clutch
so that I didn’t pull out of what was
attached at the other end. I was a
bloody nightmare, but I just found the
entire thing funny. What made it funnier was that the whole thing was
being filmed by Marcus.
Once I had actually gained some
sort of control over things, it didn’t
improve matters as the fish then
wiped out the left rod and I was now
in a right mess! I opened the bail arm
on the left rod so that I could concentrate on getting the fish in the bloody
net, but it was easier said than done,
as it weeded me up again just off the
front of the swim. Eventually though,
I managed to gain enough line and
with more luck than anything else I
managed to get the carp in the net
along with a load of weed. When I
looked into the net I was greeted with
a stunning dark mirror that looked like
it could go 30.
With the fish now in the net, I had
to try and get the line from the other
rod free from whatever it was tangled
on, and as I was doing that I realised
that it was in fact caught on another
rig that was coming out from the back
of its gill cover. The fish had got a rig
in the corner of its mouth and the
remainder of the hook link was going
through its gill and poking out of the
gill cover where my other rig was
caught up on it around a lead sinker. I
cut the line free and got that out of
the way then sorted out the old hook
link before unhooking my rig from it.
With that all done I quickly had a few
pictures taken before we weighed the
fish at 30lb 10oz, treated the mouth
damage that the old rig had caused
and then returned it to the lake. It
wasn’t bad mouth damage but it still
warranted treating. The fish was
recognised as Baby Snubby by the
way. It seems the 360 rig had done
what was intended and the change of
rig had gone and caught me another
one of Roach Pit’s finest.
Once things were settled I set
about getting the rods back out on to
the spots before sorting some dinner.
(Top left) My home in Rat for the last
few weeks now; I needed a move!
(Top right) They were slicking up on
the spot but it took all day before a
bite came from nowhere.
(Left) By standing on a bench and
giving it some strain I managed to get
things moving.


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