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It Had to Come to an End Sooner or Later
The balance of the night was very
quiet with just continued light rain
and the following day was no better.
The lake looked dead and I neither
saw nor heard a thing until around
11pm that night when I heard a fish
go over close in and down to the right
in a similar place to where I had heard
one a couple of evenings ago. I reeled
in the middle rod, switched over hook
links and flicked out a single pop-up
towards the area, getting a drop too.
There was a savage storm that
night with horrendous rain and winds
of 45mph-plus and I got bloody
soaked as my brolly leaked like a tea
strainer. I didn’t sleep a wink, as I was
sure I was going to get blown out. At
5am I had all three rods wiped out by
a weed bed that was blown down the
lake by the wind, and then after getting soaked putting them back out I
was wiped out again an hour later!
I redid the rods once again and
then as I sat there I started seeing fish
show in front of both my and Pike’s
water. This only lasted around 20
minutes and then it all went quiet
again. I saw nothing all day down in
front of me, but there was a fish out
when John Claridge, who was fishing
up the other end in Steps, had the Big
Lin at 45lb 6oz.
That evening there were a few
shows in front of my swim and Pike
but that didn’t last long, and before I
knew it all was quiet again. That
night I had a missed call from Coops
and it was when I woke at first light
that he rang again to tell me he had
got the Horse in the retainer at 44lb
14oz. I reeled in and went round to do
a couple of pictures for him before
going back and getting my kit packed
and headed home.
I was back the following week and
ended up back in Rat as the only fish
I saw during my laps of the lake that
morning were in Rat’s water. The rain
that we had suffered from last week
was still with us and I once again got
drenched setting up. For some bizarre
reason, despite it raining, most of the
fish were up on the top, and over time
they were gathered up out in front of
Pike and 37. As the day passed
though the fish started moving back
over to me, and before long they were
(Top) Eventually in the net and with
all the weed removed I could see yet
another Roach Pit stunner sitting in
the bottom.
(Right) Baby Snubby at 30lb 10oz.
showing right over the baited area.
Nothing happened though, and
before I knew it night was upon us
and the shows had stopped. Basically
over the next few days I had fish all
over me, but I couldn’t buy a bite. I
made a few changes to my rigs
including putting a chod on one of
them, but despite this nothing
changed, and come Friday morning I
had not had so much as a bleep.
Friday night though, at a little after
8pm, my left rod pulled up tight. I
picked up the rod and on feeling the
line it still felt tight. I wound down to
find nothing there, but on retrieving
the rig the top bead of the chod was
up off the lead core and the chod
hook link had been straightened out
and the hook was turned over. I’d
clearly been done by something and I
was pissed off! I did sort the rod out
and get it back out to where the rig
had been before, but nothing more
happened and Saturday morning at
9am I was packed up and away again.
The following week when I
returned I once again ended up in Rat
as I’d seen nothing else to go on, but
I really wasn’t feeling confident in
there. I walked the lake regularly
throughout the week but saw nothing
that made me want to move. Wednesday morning I was picked up on all
three rods by tufties within a space of
five minutes, but other than that it
was so dead. I even considered
knocking it on the head and buggering off home or elsewhere, but in the
end stuck it out until early Saturday
morning despite it being dead.
Monday saw me back at the lake,
but this time I was adamant that I
wasn’t going to go back in Rat as I


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