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It Had to Come to an End Sooner or Later
was sure that the spot was blown and
the carp were not visiting it any more.
I walked the lake all day but struggled
to spot any carp or any signs of them.
As strange as it sounds though I
could smell carp up in the shallows so
went in peg 14, the New Shit Swim. I
had a lead round and soon found a
couple of spots that were good
enough to present rigs on. Both spots
were margin ones but were of a
decent depth, and once I had got
them out I put a scattering of Krill out
over them. I only fished the two rods
as I really didn’t want any other lines
going through the swim that could
possibly spook any fish.
The night was calm and I sat up for
most of it, listening out for shows, but
nothing happened, and by midmorning the next day I was off looking
round the lake. After doing a lap I
stopped off in the Steps snags to see
if the fish had got in there. The water
was flowing well from pipe that sits in
the corner of the snags and as I
looked into the snags I could see a
couple of decent fish sitting under a
set of branches. One looked like an
upper-20 but the other looked a fair
bit bigger, around mid to upper-30.
Both were mirrors, but I couldn’t see
clearly enough to work out which fish
they were.
I went back to my swim, packed up
and moved into the Steps as I felt that
if the fish were there then I had a
good chance of snaring one. After
tying up a couple of rigs I waded out
and placed the right one on the spot
and then baited with both broken and
whole Krill. I then did the same for the
left rod, placing that down the left
margin on a spot that I knew had produced fish in the past. Again this rig
got a boilie mix but I also put some
hemp out too. Just the two rods were
used again in this swim, as just like
before, I felt a third would hamper my
chances. I’ve seen people use three
rods in here before and it’s just too
many – it buggers your chances big
time due to line lay.
Well, despite my efforts and sticking it out in the swim until Friday
morning, nothing came of it. I had to
be away at 10am as I had plans for the
day, but when I got back to my van,
which was parked in the main car
park, it soon came to light that some
little twat had stolen my exhaust! The
police were actually sitting outside
the gate, so I went and reported it to
them for the insurance. It turns out
that catalytic convertors are worth a
few quid and that Peugeots are an
easy target. My day turned into a
‘mare as I had to now find a garage,
order a new exhaust, wait for it to
come in, get it fitted and still get
home. Five hours and just under £500
later I was eventually on my way
home, but I was not happy and couldn’t wait to have a drink.
The month started off so well but
ended up a disaster and I just hope
that next month the fishing picks up
for me and I don’t have any further
problems. I am looking at reducing
my time throughout the colder
months on Roach Pit, as I hopefully
will have a ticket through for another
water that contains a few cracking
looking fish. It’s also known to do a
few fish in winter, so you never know;
I could be showing you some crackers in the not too distant future.
Well that’s it from me for this
month. The diary is a fair bit smaller
that it has been for the last few
months, but I don’t see the point in
boring you with waffling on about
blanking. I had been fortunate in that
I had been getting amongst the fish
most weeks, but it had to come to an
end sooner or later, and this month
was that time. Let’s see what next
month brings.
Till next time… n
(Top left) These little beauties have
been doing all the damage when used
as a tipper for the Krill bottom baits as
well as a straight pop-up.
(Top right) With the cold night came
the use of the fire pit to keep us warm.
(Right) The rain didn’t stop for much
of the month.


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