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The Long Road to My First Fifty Pounder
still nippy at times. The sun hadn’t
been shining that much, and all
around it still looked like late winter,
but I knew as soon as the sun started
beam, the whole place would burst
into life – quick time. By now, I had
moved into the Right-hand Oaks
swim to take advantage of the carp as
they moved in and out of the out-ofbounds, and I was regularly seeing
the big’un turn up, as she did each
day a little later than the rest, with her
sidekick, a smaller 20lb common.
During the nights, I put out two
rods on Zig Bugs, one left over the
back of the weed bed in about sixfoot depth just above mid-water, and
the other in between the two
weedbeds, which created a kind of
channel that funnelled the fish toward
and into the out-of-bounds area. It
was a good spot, I thought, to catch
them en route.
My days in the swim were active,
as I’d be constantly doing something,
either floater fishing or zigging. The
floater fishing was getting quite frustrating because I was able to draw
Baby Face out of the bay with floaters
and even get her a good distance out,
when a pair of swans would turn up
and literally chase her off. They did
this time and time again, and it was a
real shame because at times, I really
had her on the go. I even stopped
fishing and walked round the channel
Back to the cold
the out-of-bounds area – the long
channel that was roped off. The fish
loved this safe zone, just as they did
when I fished on Tolpits, because
there was a similar corner of the lake
that was also roped off. At Charity it
was possible to walk round one side
and watch the fish as they turned up
each day, and I learned a lot from this,
like what time the big‘un turned up,
who she was with, and so on.
One thing that was worrying me
was this; she absolutely loves a
floater and she’s so very vulnerable,
especially early on. With this in mind,
I didn’t want to stay away from the
lake for too long because I’ve learned
from past experience that they can
come out again soon after being
I was still concentrating on the
Oaks swim because the weedbeds
were now like magnets to the carp,
drawing them in from all over the
lake. It was nearly mid-May but it was
The zig-caught 27.


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