freeline-25 - Page 168

The Long Road to My First Fifty Pounder
I’d finally done it – she was mine.
things did look very good. Later on, I
had a very happy angler on the phone.
He had finally banked her and I was
honestly very pleased for Gal – he’s a
good mate and deserved to catch her.
She was still over 50 at 51lb 14oz –
what a result! I was made up for him.
After Garry’s capture they were
soon up for the annual ritual of
spawning and the club then closes all
the weedy swims off until it looks as
though they’ve finished. My plans
Made up – 52lb 4oz.
were to fish near home until later in
the year and to get back later when
Baby Face would be putting her
weight back on.
The swims at Charity had been
closed for around five weeks. I was
keeping in touch with a few friends
from time to time and knew that the
f i s h h a d w e l l s p a w n e d b y n o w.
Anglers were starting to get anxious,
knowing that the carp were in the
closed-off swims, and as a result they
were chucking across from the other
side of the lake. Gal took a walk over
and then told me that he’d seen the
big’un in the channel and she still
looked really big. I was so intent on
catching her that I made up my mind.
“I’ll take her at any weight. Now, let’s
just get this job done!”
I had spoken to Jim who said that
he didn’t think the swims would shut
for much longer, so I made plans to
start getting back over there. The
Oaks, the Car Park, 36s, and One Up
were all roped off, and any of those
swims would have been the one to
get in when they opened, for obvious
reasons. When I arrived in the car
park, I pulled up straight behind the
Car Park swim and noticed straight
away that the ropes were gone; the
swim was open. My immediate
thought was to stick a bucket in there
so I grabbed one from my van, and
then had a little trot round to the
Oaks. I was amazed to see that it was
open and I stuck my bucket at the
front of the swim, before sprinting off
to load up my barrow. Bloody hell, I
thought, someone’s looking down on
me today!
There were a couple of other
anglers further down the bank and by
the time I’d got my barrow round to


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