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Four Weeks to Remember!
o s a y I ’d h a d m y
fishing. When the shows subsided,
dream year before the
several patches of bubbles rose from
following events
this spot. I cast a bottom bait to this
unfolded would be an
slightly deeper area, scattered four
understatement. I’d
Spombs of boilies over the top, and
recently banked two
then sat back to let the morning’s
40s from a Yorkshire stillwater. I was
events sink in. Nothing happened for
still on cloud nine from these captures
the next 36 hours, but as I was happy
when a friend (Simon) gave me the
with the location of my rigs and there
opportunity to go and fish on Wrayswere still fish in the vicinity, I choose
bury 1 for a three-day session to celeto leave them out for the remainder of
brate his birthday. I naturally bit his
my stay.
hand off and plans were set for the
The evening before we were leav3.5-hour journey down south!
ing we were all sat talking, and I lisAfter a 3am start we arrived at the
tened intently as a few of the lads
120-acre pit just as the sun was rising.
talked over previous sightings of the
The magical atmosphere that surKing in the area that I was fishing.
rounds this historic venue blew me
The King had not been out for over a
away and I was immediately cast
year, but as he would often go two or
under its spell. With no real sightings
three years between captures this
to go on, Simon advised me to go in
was nothing new. They also debated
the main body of the South Lake, as
why he’d never been caught after the
this area generally holds a few fish
month of September (nearly all his
and also commands a very good view
bankings had been in the spring). I
of the rest of the South Lake.
slept well that night with pictures of
I was given a massive edge as
large historic carp in my mind.
Simon supplied me with some of
I had just opened my eyes on my
Sticky Baits’ new boilie ‘The Krill’,
final morning to a bright blue sky,
which was still in its testing period.
when the rod I had repositioned to
This phenomenal bait had accounted
the left was away. The fight was
for a large proportion of the
fish caught from Wraysbury
this year, so I knew I was
using something they wanted
to eat. All three rods were
placed on a slightly firmer
area at about 70 yards with a
good scattering of boilies over
the top.
As I awoke on my first
morning, I couldn’t believe my
luck, as I was greeted by signs
of carp, and not only that, they
were very close to where my
rigs were positioned. As I put
my kettle on for the first brew
of the day the middle rod
burst in to life. Thankfully the
fish didn’t put up too much of
a battle, so all I had to contend
with was my jelly legs and
shaky hands! When the fish
was safely in the net, I realized
that not only had I caught one
on my first night, but it was a
good one. A few of the lads
came over, and the fish was
identified as one of the
venue’s more recent additions, ‘Little Lin’ at 42lb-plus.
After returning the fish I
saw a series of shows further
to the left of where I had been Little Lin, Friday, 42lb 7oz.
uneventful, which, considering the
length of the fish that was on the
other end, was surprising. I looked in
the net and safely concluded that I’d
bagged my second Wraysbury 40 in
three days. After letting the other lads
know I’d caught another one, I took a
closer look at my prize. Then I noticed
a big dent on the back of the fish and
realized that I was looking at the
same fish I had seen in a picture the
night before. The battery on my phone
had taken this opportunity to die, so I
had no choice but to give out the
shout, “KING FUNGUS!”
We settled on a weight of 48lb 8oz,
which was 4oz down on its previous
capture, but was more than big
enough. The fish behaved impeccably
on the bank and looked absolutely
awesome in the early morning October sun. As the fish swam powerfully
away from me in my dream like state,
I couldn’t quite believe what had just
I saw the trip as a social occasion
and never expected to catch a fish, let
alone the lake’s largest and wiliest
resident. It’s now fair to say that the
Wraysbury bug has bitten me! n


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