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Canadian Adventure
hen most
English carp
anglers talk of
carping, one
venue comes
to mind, and that is of course the
mighty St Lawrence Seaway, a venue
that has been fished by carp anglers
around the globe for many, many
The St Lawrence is a huge flowing
river running from the southwest to
the northeast approximately in the
middle latitudes of North America
connecting the Great Lakes with the
Atlantic Ocean. It is the primary
drainage conveyer of all the Great
Lakes basin. The river transverses the
Canadian provinces of Quebec and
Ontario and forms part of the international boundary between Ontario and
New York in the United States.
The St Lawrence River originates at
the outflow of Lake Ontario between
Kingston, Ohio on the north bank,
Wolf Island in midstream and Cape
Vincent New York. It has a length of
approximately 1,197 kilometres,
which for us guys is about 750 miles.
It has been the home venue for the
World Angling Classics on several
occasions and has a good head of
carp to 20, 30 and bigger.
However, my Canadian adventure
was not to take place on the St
Lawrence, and for me to begin this
(Top) Map of the falls.
(Below) Panoramic view of Niagara
tale I need to go back to May 2011
when I was contacted by a gentleman called David Gale who was PR
Manager for Ontario Tourism Canada
but based in the UK. His email
intrigued me.
“Dear Rob, I am putting together a
fantastic press trip opportunity for
fishing journalists to visit Canada and
experience carp fishing Canadian
style. We have just put the plans
together for the trip, and I attach a
draft itinerary for you to look at. Hope-
fully this is something that you will be
interested in taking part in and
maybe running an article on in your
publication Big Carp Magazine. The
trip is set for July 2011. Please get
back to me if you’re interested so that
we can discuss the matter further.”
I took a look at the itinerary and my
mouth began to water. Flying into
Toronto and staying the first few days
at a hotel overlooking Niagara Falls,
one of the seven wonders of the
world. As a carp angler who had


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