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Canadian Adventure
There are differing theories as to
the origin of the name of the river,
although it’s widely thought to mean
cutting the land in two halves. I don’t
intend to make this article too technical, but just for your information there
are in fact ten million lakes in Canada,
figureheaded by the Great Lakes. The
Great Lakes are a collection of freshwater lakes located in the northeast of
North America and on the
Canada/United States border, which
connect to the Atlantic Ocean
through the St Lawrence Seaway and
the Great Lakes Waterway consisting
of lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron,
Erie and Ontario. They form the
largest group of freshwater lakes on
earth, comprising 21% of the world’s
surface freshwater. Remarkably
almost all of these lakes contain carp,
and even more remarkably the fishing
anywhere in Canada is free… Yes, you
heard it here first – the fishing anywhere in Canada is free; all you need
is a rod licence and away you go.
The first evening we went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe just a couple of doors up from our hotel and met
our local guide for the Niagara area, a
lovely chap called Paul Castellano
from a company called Cast Adven-
tures. Paul was to be our guide on the
Niagara River and Lake Erie over the
next couple of days. He had a fantastic knowledge of the area and was a
full-time fishing guide, not generally
taking people fishing for carp, but one
of the many other fish species, 180odd in total, which habit this colossal
number of waters.
Paul was a lovely fella and his local
knowledge was invaluable. He had
been trickling some maize into a
whirlpool beneath Niagara Falls, and
this was to be our first point of call.
We were warned at this point that
there were some steep steps leading
(Top left) We all caught fish of this
size in just three hours.
(Top right) Meeting up with our
guides Paul and Taro Murata.(Below
left) Toronto Islands area on Lake
(Bwloe) The ferry from Bay Street To
Santa Island.


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