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Canadian Adventure
a common carp but the skin of the
fish looks like it’s made out of mother
of pearl and its eyes are black and
beady. A beautiful looking carp nevertheless, and something that I would
dearly love to catch in the future. After
about four hours at the venue we
decided to head back up the steps
and head off down to Lake Erie where
Paul had also been baiting some
spots and thought we might pick up a
few fish stalking.
When you talk about lakes in Eng-
land, a lake of 100 acres is regarded as
ridiculously huge. These lakes were
100 million acres plus. It seemed as
though finding the carp would be like
finding a needle in a haystack, yet
everywhere we went there were
thousands of carp. We were lucky to
have a boat in most cases, and I’ve
got to say that wherever we went in
the boat, we saw huge numbers of
carp. Dinner that night was in a
Brazilian restaurant in town where
meat in vast quantities was on the
Above left) David caught the most
and the biggest, all on fly!
(Above right) Toronto Carping.
(Below left) Roy again – top bombing
(Below right) Jeremy lets them have
it on Little Lake.
menu – every sort of meat you could
ever imagine. Once again an experience you’ve really got to try.
The next day at Lake Erie was a
real change of scenery; much more
industrialised in places, and with a
huge number of cormorants and gulls.
I’ve got to admit this was not my
favourite of venues, although there
were many, many carp there, and
Jeremy in particular scored heavily on
this venue, taking quite a lot of


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