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Canadian Adventure
20lb’ers up to around 27lb. David got
his first chance at fly fishing too. I
really thought he was going to be on
a hiding to nothing using this style of
fishing, as I’d never heard of many
carp being caught on the fly, but he
went on to prove us wrong on every
venue that we fished, and in fact
came out top rod over the trip. On day
two he had numerous carp off the top
on fly to 30lbs.
Well that was our first stop over
with. After breakfast once again, en
route this time at a place called Tim
Horton’s, which sells sandwiches and
coffees all over Canada, Jim told me
that Tim Horton was once an icehockey player, and he and his wife
decided to run a small business selling sandwiches on the road. It’s now
a multimillion-dollar affair with Tim
Horton’s everywhere, and I’ve got to
say, very nice they are too.
So it was back in the air bus and a
two-hour drive to Toronto. Our next
venue would be Lake Ontario, one of
the great lakes. This involved catching a ferry, which departed from the
mainland across to middle island. At
this point we were met by another
guide, Taro Murata. Paul, Angelo and
Pete were also there and we departed
from the island side in Taro’s boat
heading out to an area that he had
been prebaiting. We nicknamed this
area Bird Shit Island; I had never ever
in my life seen so many cormorants
and seagulls, and unfortunately they
had made such a mess that they had
killed most of the natural vegetation
in the area.
However, the plentiful carp came
thick and fast with runs every few
minutes, most falling to pop-ups with
a small PVA bag fished over the prebaited areas. It was easy fishing to be
honest and everybody caught fish.
David caught a few more on fly up to
around 30lb, and all of us had fish over
30lb that day. It was one of the highlights of the trip, with beautiful sur-
(Top left) Little Lake in downtown
(Top right) Roy is in again this time a
fully scaled mirror.
(Above right) Our cabin on Rice Lake.
(Left) Jim and our guide for the
Kawarthas area, Len Perdic.
(Right) My swim.
roundings and some really hard-fighting fantastic wild common carp.
In the morning we were off again
by van, this time to the Kawarthas
area, east of Toronto where we were
to meet another guide, Len Perdick.
Len works for Shimano, and not only
has a great knowledge of this area for
its carp fishing and other species, but
is also well up on English tackle and
techniques. He was a really interesting guy; I enjoyed his company
immensely, and he had fished with


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